Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Little Blog Break?

Yes, a short break. Not by choice. So, does anyone remember how my doctor said that eating sushi was a risk behavior? And how she gassssped and looked at me like I was sleeping my way through the county sans latex protection for just eating a little raw fish? I get it now. I was already not great to begin with (girl stuff). And then I eat some raw fish and...well..use your imagination. I am off sushi for a while. Maybe forever. Fish is The Devil. Monday was all about water and rice cakes and an odd craving for garlicky dill pickles. This was probably an attempt by my body to regain salt. I wish it had just asked for the shaker.
ANYWAY - we're better, back on track! Last night we put up some corn in the pressure canner, and no one died. Nothing exploded, nothing cracked, broke, or turned disastrous. Pressure cookers sort of scare me. I have these images from old black and white 1950's television where the pressure cooker explodes and the wife, in best apron and crinoline, is doused in whatever she was whipping up, while the cooker top hangs from the hole in the ceiling. And they're time consuming and require pampering and attention, as opposed to hot water baths which just sit and boil away. BUT - the pressure canner uses much less electricity. 18 ears of corn became seven 3-cup jars of yummiess to set aside for winter. I want to get more corn, and try drying it. I'd freeze it, but there's no room in the freezer and I've never been a fan of freezing vegetables. I always manage to ruin frozen stuff. I've also got about a half bushel of cukes left in my fridge after putting up 12 jars of dill pickles with extra super garlic. I could do relish...but no one eats it. I could do more pickles, but 24 jars seems excessive. Maybe. It was the lure of the cukes in their box, calling me. Now I am drowning in them. I love end of summer! I want more tomatoes. I should go on a quest today and find some. I bet my aunt has a bunch...
I also designed a pair of socks out of yarn from Sojourner Sheep in Florence. Simple, but fun, with contrast heel and toe. The final samples won't be ready for a little bit, but this is the tiny swatch I ran up. I really think this is going to be a very fun and wonderful pattern when it's done. Simple enough for a new sock knitter but with enough to entertain a veteran. Once again the stupid camera does not do the colors justice. Diane did the prettiest dying job on this yarn. I love the colors, and I love that each skein will have a matching buddy. The yarn is not on the website yet, but soon - along with the socks! I am getting 7.5 stitches to the inch on a US 2 in stockinette and I like the resulting fabric.
The weird Williamstown sweater continues to grow. Once the sleeves are done the body will be a breeze, super fast knitting. I have not dedicated myself to this like I should, and am continually distracted by the call of cashmere from my bag. I must, I think, be forgiven. Today shall be Odd Williamstown Sweater Day. I have named it thus. By evening the sleeves should be done and the body stitches picked up and moving downward. I also swatched for infant's set in . . . that yarn I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. Soft. Pima bamboo? SOUTHWICK!! Southwick! Why can't I remember that one? I love the yarn. But the name perpetually escapes me. Anyway, I had an adorable swatch and deleted it in an electrolyte depleted haze. it's going to be very simple, very sweet, and very classic infant stuff.
Goodness. Really exciting stuff, huh?
Oh - here's fun and exciting - the dog, who's finally stopped pooping (after ridding himself of his trichobezoar, which, by the way, was worthy of a blog all it's own) has re-developed his staph skin infection. This means he smells, and itches and is not pleasant to touch. And he's a very very needy boy. I am actually beginning to get worried. I've read up a little on this recurrent staph thing. It's not a good sign. It's usually a sign of some other underlying problem. Sigh. To the vet we go, tomorrow morning. My father's dog is visiting us for a while beginning Friday. Tucker will be a nice distraction. A reminder of why my next dog will be small and hardy, and not a genetic mutant. Poor Boo. I so adore his big brown eyes and I hate it when he's not well. He just does not understand which makes it worse.
And - I cannot stop with the cashmere. It calls out to me day and night, relentless. I am going to need a good 24 hours "git 'er done" marathon to kill it off and make it stop calling. Then I can WEAR IT! It is the Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nissbaum from Fall 07 Interweave Knits and I love, love love it. Tiny bit shy on yarn and may need to play around a little to make this work, but then I live for that stuff! The piece is biasing a bit but comes back into line when I reef on it, so blocking should solve the issue. The yarn does not appear to be overspun, and it's just moss stitch, so there's no real point to the biasing thing. It's not a huge issue, and I am crooked anyway, so as long as the yarn is biasing the same way my spine does, we'll be all kinds of good!


Katy said...

I eat relish. And pickles.

MelissaKnits said...

Just for Katy, because we love her, Melissa and Girl and Girl's friend Jules will this evening begin the process of making relish.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Well, bummer, but I'm glad you are doing better. I have an awesome recipe for Bread N Butter pickles. All your knitting looks awesome, as usual. I am looking forward to seeing that sock. Prayers for You and your dog named Boo.

Sara said...

Mmmmm pickles, mmmmmmm
You could try making salsa with some of the cukes. Seriously, my Aunt also has an aversion to red slime balls and makes her salsas with cukes instead of tomatoes. More canning fun!

Mary said...

I love pickles...also, I know where you can get tomatoes and corn...see, Ed's family has a farm stand...yeah...REALLY good corn and exceptional tomatoes (which I don't even like...unless they're in sauce/salsa like things

Yarnhog said...

Oh, dear. Sorry about the sushi. One more reason not to eat rawdeadfishflesh, as I think of it.

Poor puppy. I hope you get him sorted out. It's always harder with the big dogs.

Kathy said...

I keep telling all of you raw-fish eating fools - it is meant to be cooked. . . .as in broiled, with lemon and some bread crumbs. I am glad you are feeling better.

Which yarn are you using for the cardi? I think I may have to add that project to my list since your the gazillionth person I know making it (well, at least the second).

Give Boo a hug for me.

Oh and I LOVE garlicky dill pickles. Relish - not so much unless it's mixed with mustard.

mary alice said...

Can't wait to see those socks!

I have an EZ dill pickle recipe- counter top (half sour) or canned. Glad you are feeling better!

Traci said...

Relish? I love relish! One might say I relish it! Ha!

You can drop mine off next to Katy's.

Anonymous said...

I also LOVE relish and you need to get back on that sushi horse, but quick. Pay no attention to that Easterner Kathy Elkins. Fish is rawrawraw. And I'm dying to make the Minimalist. Cirilia and I bonded over its loveliness. Am halfway thru Ben's "Jonathan's Sweater" in Valley Superwash and then it's a toss-up--I owe my mom another sweater for her gigantic weight loss, but I want that cardi for mine own. Advise. And eat sushi.

Persnickety said...

Glad you are feeling better. But where did this bad sushi come from? (I want to make sure to avoid the place.)

Interesting colors on that Sojourner Sheep sock.