Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow (because no other word would do)

First, to Tammy, Katy, Rachel, Tina, Suburban Correspondent (don't know if I can use her real name, so shan't!) and Traci - thanks for an awesome meal and evening. I had a blast, we need to do that again! Especially that last part, at Katy's house, with the Pirate Booty...and the part where the cat drinks from the faucet...and the strawberries. Definitely the strawberries.

1,000 Knitters, give or take, shopping:Literally shoulder to shoulder for most of the morning from what I saw. I was hiding in a classroom with my students and peeked out occasionally. It was unreal.

A pair of yarn and bead store owners prepare the 1,000 Knitters for What Comes Next:I missed most of the pre-show part of the program. I grabbed a quick salad and was walking up from the store after my class with Girl who came down for the event.

1 Knitter (and a Harlot to boot) taking pictures of 1,000 Knitters taking pictures of her, while another Knitter takes a picture of her taking pictures of the 1,000 Knitters (got that?):Not only is this woman witty, she's intelligent. I loved her talk this time, probably more than the first. She inspired my kid to change her final project for Sociology - she's going to do it on knitters now. Funny and smart, smart cookie, AND knits? What's not to love?

Someone besides me has excellent taste in cars:I swear, Fits find each other. I cannot tell you the number of times this has happened in malls and parking garages. I park, I go in, I come out and my car has a new friend.

Someone (Jess and Casey!) has excellent taste in family pets and logos:(Someone Wonderful is going to eventually ask me why there's a picture of a dog not my own on my bumper. But it's BOB for crying out loud, and Bob on my bumper is essential. I just love his squashy face.)

Someone is going to end up with an entrelac tam. I think I will keep it for myself. I was amazed to discover that this hat does not make my head look weird. It's not done quite yet, but soon.

I forgot to bring knitting to the Harlot event. I had just finished class and was starving to death, and forgot knitting. The sheer number of knitters was amazing. Literally they were shoulder to shoulder in the store. When my class needed a potty break, we went through the warehouse. I could not risk losing them all in the chaos.

Someone named John just called very, very concerned (but unresponsive) about the interest rates on my credit card. I was warmly assured that there is not a problem with my credit card account (Mr. Wonderful will be SO relieved), but he was SO concerned that he insisted I call him back IMMEDIATELY to discuss my rates, and how he can lower them. I am on the Do Not Call registry. I don't think it works. John got through.

Time for some Theta!


Psyched2Knit said...

I'm so jealous. It sounds like a great time!

Kathy said...

I think it was really, really smart to take your class through the warehouse, together as group to get to the ladies' room. The only possible way you would've made it through the store was if you had used some Eco Wool or Berkshire Bulky as a life line so you could find your way back and not lose anyone.

Anonymous said...

Ooo! That's me! *I* have good taste in cars! (Ok, you do too *grin*)

If I would have known it was you who parked next to me, I would have left my copy of your book under your windshield wiper for you to sign :)

You made my day by posting a picture of my car on your blog. Thanks! I've been reading for about a year (since Sock Boot Camp at WEBS), but this is the first time I think I'm commented. Of course, I couldn't let such a pretty picture of Tesla (my car) pass by without a comment. We even said something about the cars being friends just after we parked. And I totally agree about the Fit Phenomenon -- I end up parking next to and being parked next to Fits all the time, and they really aren't that common. I think they're attracted to each other :)

Thanks again!

Dragonfly said...

I just found your blog by accident. I probably could have seen through Ravelry but never occurred to me to check. I want to know how you got Bob on your bumper!

oh, and your sidebar can now say that your book is out rather than due out. (I know, I'm picky)

So glad to see this!