Thursday, April 17, 2008


Which is not a word. Randomnicity? Randomish? Randomlike? Regardless - Four unrelated items of news - or maybe they are related:

Knitters Knitting Giddily in New Hampshire.Persnickety and me in class at TKGA's Summer Show in Manchester, NH, now emblazoned on page 3 of your TKGA registration packet. Note that my feet are on the rungs of her chair. This is because there is not a chair made for grownups that is comfortable for my stubby lower extremities. I must be supported. She looks better than I do. This is not the most flattering photo ever taken of me, so Mr. Wonderful says.

Liberals Knitting Liberally for Charity."Stuffed toys made by Knitting Liberally, a group from Northampton, were donated to New England Learnign Center for Women in Transition's Children's Counselling Program in Greenfield. From left are Donna Riley, Gina-Louise Sciarra, Tina McElmoyl and Katy Wight, who helped create the whimsical creatures." Greenfield Recorder, April 17,2008. Yarn donated by Webs.

Hats From a Moderate for Kids Who Need Them.
This yarn is donated by Webs too, but sideways - it's the leftovers from the Ginormous bag knitted into hats for Warm Woolies. I like this group. They're seeking knits, mostly natural fibers (acrylic is reserved for baby blankets) and you can direct where your donation goes - like I can say "Please send my hats to kids at the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota."

Randomly Chosen, or Not, Yarn To Be New Sock Designs.I've got three designs that need samples knit. I have to choose yarn first. This is backwards for me and I don't like it. I prefer to let the yarn dictate the pattern not the other way around. The yarn speaks, I listen and we make stuff. This is all turned 'round!

Are they related items? Hmmm....I wonder. Must run now, there's sand in my eyes and it needs to come out before I go to the bank and the PO and Webs. Thursday Drop-In!


Yarnhog said...

They should seriously let the subject approve the photo before posting it in a public place like that! Although we've never met in person, rest assured that I am convinced that photo does not look at all like your beautiful self. (Just like my driver's license photo is really a picture of a space alien on some illicit substance who just learned its mother was George Bush. Or something. Not me.)

Dawn aka bcowgirlswt (Ravelry) said...

So Persnikety hasn't fallen off the face of the Earth? (ya wouldn't know it by her blog posts hehehe)