Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where It's At

There's a lot of fun in my life, to wit: seeing my name in the Valley Yarns catalog for the first time. Or the day I arrived at Storey and my name was on the white board - "Welcome to Storey Publishing Melissa Morgan-Oakes". Ohhh...the moment I signed the contract for the book. And then BEA and a weekend in New York. Or today, when I am heading off later to record a few minutes with Kathy for her podcast.

But this is where it's at, really. Knitters knitting my stuff and liking it. Or even not liking it - just knitting it! Knitters knitting my stuff. That's what makes it all meaningful for me. This is an experienced sock knitter who converted the pattern to toe-ups to maximize the use of her Lucy Neatby yarn. She also went a bit bigger on the needle to accomodate her foot, which is an excellent alternative to adding a repeat, which might make things difficult when it comes to working the heel

Hi Melissa, attached is a photo of the finished pair. Love love LOVE the pattern and plan another pair in Fleece Artist Sea Wool sometime soon.

Cheers from Nova Scotia,

If anyone makes the Sweetpea sock, please shoot me an email with a picture and any comments. I want to start a little Sweetpea Gallery here, just to see what folks do.

Tomorrow: some knitting, a pair of socks, and maybe an exciting blow-by-blow podcast experience!


Yarnhog said...

Way cool. One time, I wrote an article in my kids' school newspaper, and someone told me she had cut it out and put in on her refrigerator. That made my day. I can only imagine how much exponentially more exciting it must be to have someone knit (and love) your pattern. Congratulations!

Chicken Betty said...

Yeah!! I totally cast on this weekend :) I hope to have pics soon!

Cirilia said...

My sock pal wrote me an "I am loving lace" email the day before these came out. I'm really looking forward to sending her special Valley Sweetpeas!

Hope you had fun on the Podcast!