Thursday, June 21, 2007

On the Radio (WO-ooo-OOO-oahhh....)

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(this is way too fun!)

I am on the radio, or will be! Saturday morning, 9am, on The River (Or WHMP depending on where in the happy valley you live and which signal you can get), for a whole five minutes. Or, actually, more like 2. This was hugely fun. I would do this again in a second. Which is good because they asked me back for next week! After that I shall return to my normal humdrum existence, no more radio spotlight. For now. I've discovered that my nervousness about a situation usually stems from a fear of the unknown. Getting ready for BEA it was more about finding a cab and seeing places I'd never seen than nervousness about seeing the cover, etc. But I know what a studio looks like, and I basically know what to expect, so there really wasn't any nervousness. It's just sitting and knitting for a while, then chatting with Kathy about the book, and poof, it's over and done before you even know it happened. BUT - I must sit closer to the mic next week. I fear the thing. It's probably got germs on it or something. Kathy - no fear. It's like her buddy. She's sitting right up to it chatting away like she's been in broadcasting since birth. This may be a gene I didn't get. But these two - don't they just look like they were born to it?
New knitting! We've got a lightly cabled jacket coming along in Colrain - the idea for this actually predates the Radiance Cabled bag, but at the time we had limited yarn in-store, in fact I think we had three balls. In fact, the bag began its life as a swatch for the jacket. Now that there's endless colors and endless yarn, the jacket can be born. I love it myself, but then I am partial to burn orange and cables! This pattern will appear in the Fall Valley Yarns catalog, and would be really lovely in any of the Colrain colors. In my mind it was originally in natural, but once the colors were available that all changed. I love Colrain. Someday I am going to have time to knit myself something in it. Super soft, incredible shine, great memory. It's radiant. Lustrous. I love it.
Also finished, and soon to be on the website (learning as we go, we want to get three patterns up for retail and wholesale but we really lack experience to make it a smooth or fast transition) the Assateague Sock in Seacoast Panda. I love this yarn. Really really do. It has enough memory to be comfortable, but some shine and softness from the bamboo, and it's washable and everything. Truly lovable. And I like how the pattern came out. I was initially a little frustrated by the change in patterning over the gusset area, but I am over it. We love the hand dyes for their complex color variations and then get annoyed when they don't do what we want. maybe we should learn to embrace them for what they are - original, unique, inventive, creative, different. I could knit this pair again with the same colorway and probably get a different appearance. It's what compels me to use the hand dyes in the first place.
Today may be turning into an errand day, and I am not sure how I feel about that. I don't love errands days, but there may be a nice "Ahhhh" lunch break in here with katy, so this could significantly improve the usual tone of an errand day.


Yarnhog said...

Oh, well, that's just not

Kathy said...

Someday, over much wine and red meat, I will play the original 90 minute "test show". We were so awful. It does get easier and it is like a bit of a drug. I want my own show - 3-4 hours, music, chatting, silliness. . . I haven't mentioned that to the radio folks in fear of scaring them to death.

Can't wait 'til next week. Remember - be kind :)

Kathy said...

Oh yes yarnhog, you must buy much Colrain. It is - yummy :) Sorry, but part of my job is "enabler".

Persnickety said...

I assume this means you will also be on the Ready, Set, Knit podcast? I really have to catch up in my podcast listening. I'm woefully behind. Can't wait to hear you.

Nora said...

Hi. Does his yarn have any stretch to it. I don't know too much about tencel, other than drape. If I wanted to knit a fitted sweater, should I go down a size. Thanks a lot. Nora