Monday, April 16, 2007

Snow Boot Camp

Sunday was Snow Boot Camp day at Webs. Oh, I mean SOCK Boot Camp. Very fun event with lots of TOFUtsies, freebies, food, giveaways... I was very excited about this event, because I was to be the Sock Doctor, and there would be people, and we’d start getting little ole' me used to the idea of public events. So when I got out of bed and saw nothing but white gunk falling, I was saddened. I totaled a perfectly good car on a day like yesterday. Another day in which I “had to” get to work. Back then, I ended up walking down the side of route 91, covered in coffee, dazed and confused, but with my stethoscope around my neck and my bag in my hand insistent I had to go pass meds even if I had to walk the 10 remaining miles to get there. On the ice. In the rain. In scrubs. Can you say "head injury"? My car looked like it'd been to the crusher, but I did not find that out till much later. I just pulled the bumper out of the middle of the highway - did not want anyone to get hurt if they hit it - popped it in the back seat - conveniently the door was already open - and started walking. (This experience made me a total Honda person, by the way - eat guard rail head on, spin a bit, hit it again, and still walk away??) It was not, as you can imagine, a good day. So when it rains and snows and the temperatures hover around 32, and I "have to" get to work, things can get scary in my world.That's when it's amazing to have an incredibly supportive partner who does not dismiss the little quirks of your personality, but embraces them and saves your butt. Mr. Wonderful drove me down to Boot Camp. I expected we'd leave home and drive in snow for a mile only to find the rest of the world a rainy gray mess. I was wrong. Radar be damned. God said snow, and apparently meant it. Look at my Very Cool Sign, created by Chicken Betty, aka Sarah. It says "The Sock Doctor is in", I recommend clicking on it, I LOVE it and wish the picture had been better.
SO! We arrive at Webs a bit early for the event, but a bit later than I wanted. I slipped into my old-life clothes - a lab coat and a stethoscope - grabbed a cup of decaf and headed for my table. Stations were set up in other parts of the store - one table for people just casting on with Sarah, one table for folks turning a heel with Jenna, and me for the remaining technical questions. This was an excellent idea, and really worked well. I was a little surprised at the range of questions from yarn choices, to pattern suggestions and specific problems with specific socks. It was wonderful for me, and any time I can be the
sock doctor again, I'll be there!! I love being presented with a series of interesting challenges and questions over the course of a period of time by a series of knitters. It's why I love a hopping night at drop-in! Speaking of drop-in, here's a representative sampling of the regular Tuesday morning drop-in crew, knitting madly away in their classroom, where drop-in is regularly held every Tuesday and Thursday 10am - 1pm with Pixie or Beth, and Thursday evening 5-8 with moi. Pictured here we've got Barbara, Marge, Linda and Mary. Opposite them, intently mastering a lacy sock chart is Betsy, a Thursday drop-in regular. I expect to see that sock back on Thursday night, with the cuff completed.
YES! TOFUtsies LIVES! I got a pulse, a nice steady rate while Kathy held it cradled gently in her hands awaiting the verdict - I think she already knew the outcome though. I did not, tragically, get a pulse on Rue's socks, which had to be assisted to the next plane of existence - really just returned to an earlier one. It's rare that I say, "Rip it out." Poor Rue. I did not get a picture of that sock; it would have been intrusive to snap a flash in the face of a dying thing. The important thing is that every other sock I saw was alive and well. Some may have needed a little tweaking, others needed some learning, but generally there was an awesome representation of sockishness. I saw Former Student Liz with her friend Marcy. Marcy is a member of the Rockin' Sock Club - a thing I am wholly and heartily jealous of. While other club members rested and reclined at Chicken Sock Camp (which I can't even talk about without whining), Marcy took her sock on a field trip to WEBS, which shows that her priorities are correct, and I finally got to see this blessed yarn. (photo credit: Marcy) It is nice. It's very nice. The pattern is gorgeous. I am more jealous. Marcy was also wearing her Knitiot t-shirt, a little martini glass of yarn in it - UNWIND - no I did not take a picture of Marcy's boobs. Sorry. But there's lines I just can't cross. I really wanted some STR for the book. It bums me that there is none. I am doing another pattern for the book now, one last little bit, and if I had just one skein, just one...ah, alas. Perhaps there is not time remaining to get it here and knitted, but I'd love to try.
Here's Juliet, Sarah-Marie and Kathy working diligently on their various projects:

Jenna, Sock Student Amy with her heel turned and gusset picked up, and one person who's name I don't know, but who agreed to be blogged:

Karen and Jenni at the Cash Wrap - Jenni did not wish her face to be blogged and so, eh, turned the other cheek, so to speak.

A Sea of Pink. Webs store staff gathering for our event group photo. I think maybe store staff should wear pink all the time. It certainly makes everyone noticeable.

The greatest 'tragedy' of the day was that because fewer folks attended than had registered due to the weather situation - although a good turn-out, considering - there was a vast raft of food left over, particularly the fruit and veggie variety of free food. Around here we know what to do with that sort of thing. Napoleon, Tuttaroo (not a rooster, just a forward hen), BedHead, Phyllis and Eleanor know exactly what to do when humans don't eat their veggies. It's been a long tough spring for these guys. Spoiled by their people and used to excessive liberty, the confinement to damp house makes them sad and miserable. I cheered them with my gifts. The chickens totally love Webs now. I bet they'll be knitting socks by nightfall.
Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?Saddest thing – I left Webs and headed home with Gail in her large four-wheel drive thing that could probably climb over my house. Mr. Wonderful was to meet me in Greenfield. We would get supper (sushi for me, Chinese for them) from our all time favorite-est Chinese place, shop for some quick groceries, and head home. I ordered the wrong thing. I was in a hurry, and ordered the Greenfield Roll not the Green Mountain Roll. It was rolling in breading, coated in panko, a sea of gluten. A nightmare of gluten. A gluten tragedy. Luckily, I have to go back into town today for copies...maybe tragically I will have to stop and get lunch at New Fortune...


Cirilia said...

I have a LOT of STR in my stash. Are you serious about wanting some? I would trade it for a signed copy of your book...

It really is the nicest yarn EVER.

Chicken Betty said...

I should have added a 5cent charge to the sign! Nice job Doc.

Persnickety Knitter said...

I like those pink T-shirts. Looks like it was a fun time.