Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well, I feel better now.

Mr Wonderful and Girl look a little befuddled and confuused, but they'll adjust. The dog seems to think it's cool. Of course, he can't see much anyway, so all this means is "more light on face", but he seems into it. Can't wait to see the chickens' reaction tomorrow. And I? I am beyond thrilled. I am Ecstatic. Delighted. Very, very happy. First, we can see our deck. This is a big deal for me. The last time I had a deck it was slapped onto the side of a 1971 Detroiter Mobile Home, directly across from a slightly newer mobile home in a park surrounded by lots of other mobile homes of varying ages and sizes and in various conditions. It was built by Mr. Wonderful and myself when my kids were tiny (3 and 4! TINY!!). I like a nice deck. The whole "sit and relax while supper cooks on the grill and you watch the hawk fly low over the meadow" thing has been a dream for three years. This spring, it shall become my reality.
Second, I can see my house from at least one angle. The other three sides are still immersed in Bavarian Forest; thick and dark as night with hemlock and pine and the dank smell of a deep forest. This afternoon when I went out to take a lil' wander about I discovered the most amazing thing. There is now sunlight behind the house! It's a little miracle. And it's kind of a cute house, now that I can actually SEE it. I always wondered what it looked like. I remember the first day we drove by, and I said "I am not living in that! You can't even SEE the thing! Where IS it??" But then I came inside and I saw the fireplace and the sliders on the deck and the big oak staircase and I decided I could live here after all. I still wondered what the house looked like. And I totally have to get rid of the green door. I am not loving that now at all. Change of color. I don't know what, and the house can stay the same color, but the door has to change, as soon as it's warm enough.

Third, and most importantly, I remembered how to concentrate when trees are falling all around you, and managed to get some work done. Cuffs for Aidan's Socks for the book. Oh, wait...that's not the right side. Here, try this instead. The wrong-side pic came out better, I think. I like them, cute little things. I like them so much that I am going back to work on them some more now, since it's 1:30 and I have to leave for work eventually, and only have a few hours left in which to knit today. It feels VERY good to have the Lumberjack Gang gone. Oh - get this - today they started off right where they left off yesterday - no boss, so it's playtime! Who needs silly ropes to keep trees by the electrical lines while we cut? We'll just hang out of the cherry picker over the wires, and give the tree a shove above while someone down below cuts it. That'll work!! And this is funny - they "broke" my cable (as in cable television). The boss came and told me and said I should go check and see if it worked. So I told him we did not have cable. And I got The Look, which is a typically blank faced, open-mouth stare, usually followed by a slow, drawn-out "Yoou...dooon't have caaaable???" then a light dawns, "Oh, then you have satellite (or dish, or whatever)!". Response: "Nope. We got nothing. Nada. Just DVD's." I love that look. I am not sure if our lack of cable makes us Un-American, or Just Weird. Any votes?

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