Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Perfect Fit

Maybe there are other Fits, but this one is perfect. In a very bizarre - this is how things work for me - twist, my car arrived at the local Honda dealer in the midst of a very tumultous weekend. We found it by sheer coincidence. We were surfing the web making plans for the purchase of a car we've been discussing for months, and there it was, Orange Blaze Metallic, at Lia Honda in Northampton. I sent them a quickie email Saturday night promising everything from my firstborn to my entire life savings if they'd hold it for me till I could get in touch with them. Sunday morning I had a plan. Baby Emily's birthday party was at 3pm. I figured we could drive to Northampton, work out the car details, drive to Emily's party; a wonderful day! Right. Although it all worked out in the end, as you can see by the presence of my stuff in the front of the World's Most Nearly Perfect Car, my plan was nothing to the task. Not even in the ballpark. I was so far off from what actually transpired that I could not have been more wrong in my image of how things would actually go. That's what I love about planning. It's mostly useless but we all do it anyway, and in the end if we're smart we take it as it comes, make it work, and move on.
Sunday morning dawned with the promise of two things - a party for a baby girl, and a visit to a car dealership. It ended with a quick phone call to appologize for missing a certain first birthday party, hours spent in the local ICU with my mother, who is FINE but nearly wasn't, and a lot of questions about how to be in Shelburne Falls at noon on Monday to meet with your editor and Baystate Medical Center at the same time. I forgot about the car.
It's a long story. The bullet is that when we try to plan, and try to force our lives into the shape we think they need to be we often get thrown wild, crazy, sometimes scary curves. They used to throw me for a loop, disrupt my entire existance. 40 is like a wonder drug or something, because I just stepped through the weekend and early week as gracefully as possibly, with great flexibility and peace and a ton of prayer. In the end I have a live maternal parent, a finished book, and a new car. Also fingerless gloves and a baby set that I am not sure I love.
These are the finished Rowan CashSoft Fetching fingerless gloves that I began the other day. I did finish them by that evening, but never got back to post the pic. I love them. I want more in other colors. Very cute, very quick - I two-at-a-time'd them, of course. Part of my restful book-writing recovery plan included not making anything "from scratch" - patterns only, and the easier the better. The gloves went smashingly. I got comments on them Sunday at the hospital in ICU from one of the nurses, also a knitter. She was curious about what Girl and I were working on - Girl had snagged a skein of Lion Magic Stripes out of my bag and was making a skinny scarf/tie, and I was working on the...garment...pictured below. We're not in love.
I chose this set from Knitting for Babies and Kids. The pattern is technically correct and was very simple and quick to knit up. Now that it's done I just don't know. I will put the buttons on and attach the sleeves this afternoon. I just feel that it's a little too oversized for my tastes. I would have changed it up a lot, but was still sticking to my plan which included following directions only, no mods, no re-writes. If I did it again, I'd skinny it down a little. We'll see how I feel when it's on the kid!
Well, that's it for today, folks, off to the hospital to fetch my mother home again. It amazes me how quickly people are discharged. As a nurse, I question the safety of the whole medical racket and it's fast-paced processing of "customers" - HUMAN BEINGS?? We need socialized medicine. And we need it badly.

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