Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good News, Bad News

The good news is, I finished. The manuscript deadline is tomorrow and the book is, for now, done. It's all spread out on the table, while Marvel (in Sweet Cowgirl Bandana) looks on and Hannah sleeps on my foot rest. The bad news? I hate it. Just like every garment, as soon as it's done, I hate it. Can't stand to look at it. I want it out of my house. If it were not snowing and I were wearing something other than running tights and a crocheted cowboy hat, it'd be on it's way to North Adams right this second. Sort of the way you feel about your kids when they're teen-ish, and talking to you with that tone that makes you want to...well, never mind about that. I cannot stand it. If I read one more word, one iota of information relating to socks, sock books, my sock book, anyone's sock book I will explode. It will be ugly. I don't hate it as bad as one particular sweater that shall remain nameless. But I don't ever want to see my own words on paper again. For a while.
The better news? I can knit anything I want. But what? The Fetching fingerless gloves from Knitty that Rue had on last week that I've started in Rowan Cashsoft Aran (my first Rowan and the last ball of red!) that I love to feel slipping through my fingers OR the Flower Basket Shawl in Gail's hand-dyed alpaca silk? It's a toughie. Given the weather I am leaning toward the fingerness gloves - it's snowing here, big fat flakes falling down by the boatload. Which reminds me I should go get the mail before it gets any sort of depth that would couse me to remain indoors for days. I really was perfectly happy with the non-winter, so to get all this snow toward the end of things is a little distressing. I mean, really, I have to drive this mess to North Adams, CD, printed copy, box o' socks, and NOW it snows? I hope all the Webs crew are having a great and sunny time across the country at Stitches West. Send me some sun, guys, just a teeny tiny bit! I am so ready for winter to end.
And I am so ready for these babies to be off my hands. Kiss 'em good-bye, folks. Next stop? Storey Publishing!!

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