Monday, February 12, 2007

Break Time

In a complete break from anything 1.) knitted or 2.) socks, I made myself a hat this weekend. It's not totally working for me, as the top is not quite doing what it should. I would like to point out that cowboy hats do me favors that no other hat style on earth can do. I never wear hats because they make me look pretty stupid. For some reason, this one does not make me look stupid, and I am impressed by this. I therefore shall wear only cowboy hats from now on. I need a wardrobe of cowboy hats, in all colors. The pattern is from Happy Hooker, the yarn is Sugar 'n Cream El Cheapo Cotton from Lily - a whopping $1.49 a ball, and the hook is well away from that recommended by the pattern. In addition to being a loose knitter, I am also apparently a loose hooker. I have a thing for Sugar 'n Cream. It's perfect for crafty stuff like placemats and dish cloths. I wrote all weekend so... no more words. I don't think I have any left today. Just a cat, who thinks the bin of book-socks is her personal domain, even if I am only out of the room for ten seconds. Dig the look. "WHAT is your problem??"

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