Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Dog Answers the Phone

Back on the blog tour road again - yesterday the ladies of The Woolie Ewe posted a really fun to make video interview on their blog, with instructions on how to win a signed copy of Teach Yourself Visually Circular Knitting (I need books with shorter titles, just a thought!). Give it a watch and enter to win!

Today is an interview with Yoshi (and a book review, and giveaway) with ShibaGuyz Shannon and Jason - or should I say with Dallas, Apollo and Atlas, really?

Stay tuned as we head into the home stretch - next up:
June 29 - Nelkin Design with Laura Nelkin who designs the most delightful, lovely knitted things from shawls to jewelry.
June 30 - Getting Stitched on the Farm with the brilliant and undeniably gifted Kristin Nicholas
July 1 - Go Knit in Your Hat with Carol "My Favorite Stalker".
July 2 - Sunset Cat with Stefanni, who is not only a talented technical editor, but also has the loveliest Tonkinese cats!

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