Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Tour Day 3

Today we stop in with Deb (Chappy's Mom) who's guest blogging at Jessalu Knits. I still love JessaLu bags. In fact, I am about to board a bus with one tucked where I can get at it easily. Also JessaLu is giving away THREE copies of Teach Yourself Visually Circular Knitting! Three!!

And don't forget to stay tuned for the rest of the tour! More interviews, reviews, and giveaways are waiting for you!

June 17 - Rock + Purl with the energetic and ebullient Ruth Garcia-Alcantud.
June 20 - Webs Yarn Store with... you know, I am not sure who is going to be doing this entry. I hope it's someone who loves me. ;)
June 21 - Yarncraft Podcast with the delightful Zontee of Lion Brand Yarn Studio.
June 22 - Knit-a-While with the charming Ida
June 23 - Lorna's Laces with the talented Beth Casey who controls all of Gene's favorite sock yarn (Shepherd Socks, color: camouflage).
June 24 - i made it so with cross crafting wiz Ana
June 27 - The Woolie Ewe with Jenn, my buddy from Texas who knows just where to find the gluten free food.
June 28 - ShibaGuyz with the lovable Shannon and Jason
June 29 - Nelkin Design with Laura Nelkin who designs the most delightful, lovely knitted things from shawls to jewelry.
June 30 - Getting Stitched on the Farm with the brilliant and undeniably gifted Kristin Nicholas
July 1 - Go Knit in Your Hat with Carol "My Favorite Stalker".
July 2 - Sunset Cat with Stefanni, who is not only a talented technical editor, but also has the loveliest Tonkinese cats!

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Cathy said...

An early good morning! Safe travels, too. My copy of your book arrived yesterday. YAY! You explain things so clearly - at least for me. I feel the same way about your Toe-up book. I will definitely recommend this book to others. How is Yoshi?