Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog Tour, Day 2

Today's stop on the blog tour for Teach Yourself Visually Circular Knitting:

June 15 - OMG! Heart with Alice, who survived 2-at-a-Time class with me - and STILL wanted to be part of this tour. She posted a great review this morning of the book, and is giving a copy away to boot!

Also, Kristi of Books Yarn Ink posted a review today as a follow up to her interview from yesterday. And Ruth of Rock + Purl has posted a review in anticipation of her blog-stop on June 17th. All three of these folks are hosting giveaways as well - so be sure to check them out!

Here's the rest of the schedule:

June 16 - Jessalu Knits with the talented Jessalu - I love those bags!
June 17 - Rock + Purl with the energetic and ebullient Ruth Garcia-Alcantud.
June 20 - Webs Yarn Store with... you know, I am not sure who is going to be doing this entry. I hope it's someone who loves me. ;)
June 21 - Yarncraft Podcast with the delightful Zontee of Lion Brand Yarn Studio.
June 22 - Knit-a-While with the charming Ida
June 23 - Lorna's Laces with the talented Beth Casey who controls all of Gene's favorite sock yarn (Shepherd Socks, color: camouflage).
June 24 - i made it so with cross crafting wiz Ana
June 27 - The Woolie Ewe with Jenn, my buddy from Texas who knows just where to find the gluten free food.
June 28 - ShibaGuyz with the lovable Shannon and Jason
June 29 - Nelkin Design with Laura Nelkin who designs the most delightful, lovely knitted things from shawls to jewelry.
June 30 - Getting Stitched on the Farm with the brilliant and undeniably gifted Kristin Nicholas
July 1 - Go Knit in Your Hat with Carol "My Favorite Stalker".
July 2 - Sunset Cat with Stefanni, who is not only a talented technical editor, but also has the loveliest Tonkinese cats!

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