Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday, January 27: A New Home for Us?

SOmetimes we wander around other resorts just to check them out. We're most often enamoured of the ones we cannot afford, of course. This morning we decided to take a little walk along the Sassougoula River (no, it's not a real river) to Port Orleans French Quarter and see just what Mary and Ed are on about. Luckily we had left both our Pargo and our Cushman behind. (Should I tell you what they are? Or do you know?)
This resort is, frankly, beautiful. They have a hot tub that is further from the regular pool than that at Riverside, possibly meaning fewer kids in it?I think kids in hot tubs is just unsafe, but I am weird that way. The atmosphere is delightful.Very New Orleans, which would be why they call it French Quarter, right? There are fewer rooms here than at Riverside, so things are closer to resort center. This isn't a big deal for us as we always manage to end up in a good room. But still. I found myself wanting to stay here, wanting to wake up to the wide green spaces between buildings. Most essentially for us, the river and associated boat are here, with a dock just for French Quarter. Now, if you want to cane pole fish, or rent a smaller boat, you've got to go to Riverside to do it. But you know what? I don't really do those things. So next year. Er. I mean. Next TIME? I want to stay here!
A lot of the time we decide where to go in the morning by saying "Whatever bus comes first, we'll take it". This has worked out for us. Today we got on a Disney Studios bus. I was really excited to see the new Toy Story Midway Mania ride/ attraction.It is awesome. There's a whole Pixar area. I am a big Pixar fan. And I am a HUGE fan of the new attraction! Just...if you're there? Just DO it! Not scary, just fun. We had a great time, got fast passes and did it again. Awesome and fun fun fun!! This is not our favorite park, but now I've got a serious reason to return!We saw a grooving green army guy - did everyone have these? I know I did. We had pizza at Pizza Planet. They serve a gluten free pizza that takes about 10 minutes. It wasn't bad - nothing like home and Hillside of course, but not bad.
And we wandered around the 'streets' of New York and San FranciscoThey even have city street noises, but I told Gene that there needs to be more dirt, more odd smells, maybe a few homeless guys or whizzing cabs.
I am a Muppet freak also, so it's important that we see Muppets in 3-D.Dig this. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, all their gear ready to go out on tour. Maybe coming to a town near me? Groovy.
Next was more Epcot. We had dinner reservations here, at Les Chefs de France in World Showcase. We started on the opposite side of the lagoon and walked around to Chefs. I found yarn.Dale's Learn to Knit kit, piled high. I also bought a Helly Hanson jacket here, 50% off...couldn't really leave it there! And it matches my hat and mittens perfectly. Turns out it's super warm and I love it.
Gene pointed something out this evening. Where else can you go and wander through Mexico and Norway, have a beer in Germany, watch an Italian juggler, grab a glass of French wine for your wife, then head to Canada for another beer before settling on a bench to watch a Beatles cover band in an English garden?Nowhere but Epcot.
Dinner at Chefs was good. I had escargot and salmon, Gene had salade maison and scallops and tiger shrimp. But we learned something later that we wish we'd known then. Dress up (which we did) and go to Bistro de Paris upstairs. Better menu, quieter, and no...um...short-people menu. A lesson we have absorbed and shall apply on our next visit.
Epcot at night after park closing is about one of my favorite places. Ending the day here is just so wonderful.
But tomorrow? La Nouba!

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