Monday, February 16, 2009

I hear it's a Holiday.

A day for celebrating Presidents. No mail will come. Otherwise it's really a day like any other for us. Mr. Wonderful does not get days like this off, and I work if he works. I am trying to get links over there on the right hand nav bar for pattern buying. Go check out the store, so you can tell me if it even works. Me and html, we never could agree.
I've been playing with Picasa, and chickens, and other things around the homestead. I love Picasa! Today is maybe just a day for pictures, while I get back to swatching my Schaefer Nichole, which I am so so loving, by the way. It's asking for beads. Gold ones. I can't wait to see what it asks for next. Anyway.

Memories to keep me warm.The man calls these "rats with antlers".Right now they've got no antlers, just empty stomachs. Pretty, but raiding the garden is not acceptable, so noise must be made.
And off they go.
Finished Object. EZ Pi Shawl, Artyarns Silk Rhapsody
It's very light, warm, and soft. I want to sleep in it.
Princess MelMmmm...eggs! Love my birds, I truly do, and not just for this.I love this, too. Chicken Feet in yogurt on my walking plank things.I love my house, especially when we're popping holes in the ozone with that smoke (wait - before you freak on me - wood is carbon neutral!!)One of my favorite places to visit.Squirt, the most maladjusted chicken on earth.This was the single chick we hatched and nurtured against my better judgement. Well. Who knew?? She even lays an egg now and again.
Chore time in the winter means buckets of water, carried up the hill to water the birds with.I love to watch the water, and sometimes get so distracted by it that I forget to turn it off or switch buckets. Then there's a mess. Winter+water=ice.
Princess Dazee.She really does not dig this hat. At. All.
Nine, ten, a big white hen.Truffles! The new king of the hill, the new man in demand, the future of chickens around here:


Mary said...

I SO love that pic of Mel!!

tina said...

Great photos............ fabulous chickens.......... and is THAT your shawl??????? OMG>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Malea said...

So the picture of you and the chipmunks looks like they are comforting you before taking you to "someplace special". It creeps me out. I want to tell you not to go!

PurlingPirate said...

This post cracked me up and made me totally happy! Thank you!!