Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Thursday, January 29: Chip n' Dale Make My Day

Can it get any better? Through the gate of Epcot, after a moment of debate, I jumped in a line to see some furry friends while Gene headed for Soarin' for Fast Passes.Worth it does not cover it. On seeing my tiara, there was bowing. Hugging. More bowing. Kissing of hands and noses. Dude. This is what I come for. Suddenly I am six years old, the princess I never was, and chipmunks know it. That's all that matters. Knowing that this was our last full day, we made the most of it. We jumped in a line for a character extravaganza of sorts.This is but a mere sampling. We were hugged by Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald. Pluto wanted to keep us. We love Pluto! Someone gave us "I'm Celebrating!" pins. We'd been asked multiple times during the trip what we were celebrating and always demurred. Today I answered. "I just finished my second book." Any time anyone asked me, that's what I said. Because I did. I finished my second book. No one died, although at least one person tried to. Socks were knitted, and patterns written, and a technique section completed under duress, in the face of stress and crisis and illness and insanity. I finished my second book. I slapped that tiara on my head, welcomed the kisses of chipmunks, and embraced the day!
We wandered through China, a big favorite.We rode Maelstrom in Norway.We watched Spirit of NorwayI cry every time the kid touches the boat. I do not know why. We pretended we were in Germany.We like Germany.We liked it so much we stayed for lunch!This was just plain fun! German food, German music. There were polkas and lederhosen, kraut and wurst, and beer as dark as night. We gazed across the lagoon.We did all of the things we love to do at Epcot. I felt as if I had more freedom this day than any otheralmost as if my mind were liberated and my imagination could run free. It was as if Figment were right with me, all day long, and we wandered together and soaked it all in.
We'd made reservations for Yachtsman Steakhouse before leaving home, but changed our minds after meeting a young couple from Boston who recommended Shula's at the Dolphin. We dressed for dinner and made for Shula's. It was awesome. I should say that Biergarten for lunch was a huge error in judgement preceding dinner at Shula's. Go hungry. The service is exceptional. From the bar to the table we were treated like royalty and I didn't even have the tiara on! I ordered salmon - I recomend you just buy cow. I have the whole ethical "only cows I know" thing going on, but I tried a bite of Gene's steak, and I really should have had some myself. Shula's does steak right. Better than right, really. We had a barbecue shrimp appetizer that I felt went a little overboard on the barbecue end of things, but wasn't bad. I think it would have been physically impossible to finish all the food. Gene's baked potato was the size of my head. My broccoli was basically a huge head perfectly steamed then lightly grilled. The salmon serving was huge, about three times what I'd serve myself at home. We have to go back there next year (I mean, uh, next TIME...)!
But now it's all over. Tomorrow we leave. Back on a plane and heading for home. The ending of a wonderfully relaxing week in the upper 70's with a light breeze and tons of sunshine and Mickey Mouse. I'll try not to cry through the next blog, promise!

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