Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time of My Life, I Had It.

This is a group of 36 intrepid students who took on a 3-hour workshop I am calling "2-at-a-Time Socks: The Speed Dating Edition" this past weekend at the Knitter's Review Retreat.I have to say that the idea of 36 students really did not fully sink into my head until Friday evening. By then, of course, I was in Williamstown and it was too late to develop the plague, or a light case of small pox. Amazingly at the end of three hours most people were alive still, and many of them even were knitting socks 2 at a Time on one long circular needle! I was stunned. They were an awesome group and a lot of fun, and I want to do it again now!

There were a lot of knitters present at the retreat. 90 or so, to be more specific, although for an actual head count you'd have to apply to someone who'd know (which isn't me!).If you ever wondered, 90-odd knitters make a racket in the best possible way. You hear exclamations as people find friends or patterns or yarn they love. There is a lot of hugging, and a lot of happiness. It's an awesome thing.

On Saturday night, after classes and a very good turkey dinner, people gathered in the Williams East and West rooms to spin or knit or some of both.The best thing about knitters, or fiber people in general really, is that they are so warm and giving. I saw so many instances of helping. People teaching one another to spin, or showing a new pattern with delight, or explaining a technique. It's heart-warming.
A wonderful time was had by all. The hotel staff survived, although one waitress was surprised that there were so many knitters. I laughed at her a little. Or maybe a lot. Luckily it was a buffet.

Just before I left I talked to Malea about a bit of barter. We all know I am a sucker for her stuff. She had this housewarming and gave each person who attended a lovely stemless wine glass. I did not go, because Mr. W and I were busy that evening. I found out that she had some extra wine glasses leftover.
Leave it to me to think fast on my feet. It's winter, right? And poor Malea, her hands and head and little neck might get cold, right?? I made her a little set using Tahki Bunny Print of a neckwarmer (101 Luxury One-Skein Wonders Mermaid Tail Neckwarmer), a simple hat, and mittens that incorporated the Mermaid Tail cable up the back. She's modeling them here with her biggest fan and best dance partner, Miss Dazee. It would serve me right if she didn't give me the glasses for a year. That's generally what I do to her on the knitting end. Good thing she's patient.


ChickenBetty said...

I'm glad you had a good time!
I know exactly where you are in each of those photos. My HS BFF's sister and another HS friend both had their receptions in that blue room, and I performed in two of the others - they were both used at one point or another for weekend brunch/cafe spaces for the summer/fall tourists, and I'm pretty sure I did something there with the Girls Scouts when I was a kid. I love that Hotel.
And the wine glasses are totally worth a warm-up set :)

(On a strange note: my word verification to post this it, and I'm not kidding, "boypee". Hmmm)

Malea said...

Hey that's me! I would never make you wait a year Melissa! I have the last 2 of the wine glasses for you in the kiln today, will have to glaze them and get them in again over the weekend. I LOVE the set!