Thursday, November 27, 2008


This has been a really amazing year. Last year I was waiting for the delivery of the first born bookling, 2-at-a-Time Socks. Once it was delivered, everything became a blur. You wonderful knitters, you didn't just like it. You love it. And that makes me proud, and happy. That's not to say there were not some bumps along the way, but in the end as my stepson would say "It's all good". And it is.
Personally this hasn't been the banner year I'd hoped for. As I've said here, my mother has not been well. She is improving, but the more she improves in one area, the more she declines in another. I live my life very separately from my mother as a rule. I have never been the kind of person who 'needs' to call my mother every day, nor do I call my daughter daily now, although I think we may cheat, what with Facebook and email. But my mother needs me, so regardless of my personality flaws, I am making myself available to her. I am, ultimately, thankful that I have the chance to be there for her. No regrets, and all of that.
There's these awesome people around me, all these amazing, supportive people. I am so grateful for them. Mary, Kristen, Rue, Kathy, Kristie among others. When the chips are down and I need to just spew, you're there for me and I really have needed that this year. Everyone needs a few people to whom they can say things (particularly about their, say, mothers) they probably won't mean in five minutes. Or even if they do still mean them, the listener won't hold it against them.
I am thankful for all of my teaching opportunities this year. I love to teach anything, but teaching this book has been especially rewarding. I am not teaching something someone else thought up. I am teaching my own work. That, if I ponder on it for long, makes my eyes a bit damp. And the signings with Barb Parry at sheep shows around the area, I am so thankful for that. I love meeting knitters, even the ones who have counted the errata. Knitters are who it's all about for me, and if I wasn't sure of that before, I certainly was after that little weekend in Williamstown.
I am thankful for my father, who's very existence reminds me that I am more than I sometimes think I am. And more thankful than I can ever, ever say for my husband, who's put up with more this year than he ever did when I was writing the first book.Being my husband and having my mother for a mother-in-law is not what one would call easy. he probably should get hazard pay. I don't think most people would volunteer for it and a lot of men would walk right the heck away, or more likely run. Instead, this one takes it on, just like he did my kids and all the baggage that brought with it. It is what it is for now, and we shall wait and hope for better times.
I am thankful, right this minute, for impromptu celebrations.One of the boys offered to come and cut trees Friday. All this in exchange for a turkey dinner. Really that gift is to me. I love to cook, and I love holiday meals. I don't get a chance to really do them now. We spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at my in-laws, so there is no turkey in my own oven, pies on my racks cooling, potatoes waiting to be mashed in my big stock pot. Friday I get to do a whole Thanksgiving meal; the works - stuffing, gravy, turkey, apple pie...all gluten free!
I shall leave you with this final bit of gratitude - to anyone who bought yarn from me off of eBay?? Thanks to you, the following was made possible. Also thanks to Nikon for a really awesome bit of equipment, and to Jules, who convinced me I should get that instead of the Canon.
Discarded Woodstove and Fountain GrassCome summer, there will be raspberries here.So I apparently still have the fungi problem...and have developed a fern problem as well.I love how frost can make a gone-by flower a thing of beauty.And lastly, I am thankful for chickens, who leve their feathers in the yard in appealing postures.And very thankful for one bird, one very special bird, that laid an egg today, in spite of her being a rooster and all, but I'll tell that story another day.
Psalm 30:11-12

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