Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Since we're nearly halfway through the week...

I can post my weekend in pictures. Girl turned 20, which hit me a little harder than expected. I can't even do a deep, emotional baby post because it's just too close to home. I feel like I need a puppy or something. I feel...old? I don't know what I feel. My baby is 20. My Baby Is Twenty.

Anyway -
I played with my potato heads. This is father potato with the kiddies getting Cruella's autograph. Note he's holding onto their Mickey ice cream and balloons, and wearing his traditional over-done Disney Dad garb.

I drank wine and watched EZ Workshop while knitting an EZ Heart Hat. It is possible that this happened prior to the potato play, but I don't remember any more. Or maybe it was simultaneously. Thanks to Kathy for enhancing my Potato Head collection and encouraging my Disney Disease.

I finished Mr. W's Schaefer Anne Boring Socks (boring pattern or lack there of, not the yarn). He likes them, which is all that matters. I needed the needles for another project and did not want to take them off and get back to them "later". We all know how that works. Pattern is K1, P1 on round one, knit all on round 2. I think it was a 72 stitch cast on.

I took a couple of hours and knocked out these fingerless gloves for Kathy. They are called Velvet Curtain Cabled gauntlets, designed by Kirsten Hipsky of Webs, and will eventually be available through them. The pattern calls for Stockbridge; I used Sheffield in color Kiwi. Super fast, super simple, comfy on. I might make them a little longer, but I like my gauntlets to be longer.

We did this a lot. You may be able to tell which seat is mine. We hung out with Girl and Jules and Gerbil and played Apples to Apples, and ate, and did yard work and chores, and (some of us) knitted from Saturday afternoon through Sunday late. Mr. W is on call this week. His beeper went off at 3AM Monday. I hate the beeper. It's like ice water on my head. UNFAMILIAR LOUD SOUND!! KILL IT!!

This is why I needed my needles free. Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere color #85, and Swarovski crystal beads from a local bead store that's Under New Management...mmmmm...pity I shan't get to wear them, since they'll be in a book. But I will love and appreciate every. single. minute. They have a picot top, an inch or two (I have not decided how much yet) of a rib, and then they will open up into a very simple pattern that highlights the beauty of the amazing crystal beads which I am hopelessly in love with. In fact, "Webs - America's Bead Store" may be my new home away from home...

And for Katy, the Heart Hat completed, and it only cost me a large chai. (I had a brain cramp. A really sad and sorry one it turns out. Katy sorted me. Her reward: one large chai.) eventually it will have a sweater buddy, either a BSJ or hoodless, collared tomten. I have not decided.


Katy said...

Photo of heart hat please?

Yarnhog said...

That Heart Hat is just freakin' perfect! I vote Tomten. With color blocks.

PurlingPirate said...

It looks like you had fun!!! I'll be turning 40 this week, I need to ask my Mom how that makes her feel! But I'll wait until she flies home to ask her, I don't want to get smacked!