Monday, March 31, 2008

It Must Be Monday

This was Friday. I thought it was a joke. Or a Monday. By midday we had 4-5 inches.But today I've changed my mind. You tell me. Does this sound more like a Monday to you?

1.) There was no granola for Mr. W's snack (he has granola, made by the loving hands of his wife, daily for a snack). No matter how much I make the container is universally empty on Monday mornings. There are also no raisins for new granola. Nor are there dried apricots, cherries, apple rings or peach slices. So I spent a great deal of time breaking dried banana chips into quarters, creating banana nut granola. They would not go through the food processor. Just bound up the thing. I stopped before I ruined yet another small kitchen appliance. I tried a knife, but they just stuck to it and would not break.
2.) My chair, my Ikea Poang chair, was so wobbly (I've been putting off tightening it) that when I sat down I knocked the ball band from the Jade Sapphire cashmere and the little baggie with the bead info from the cashmere socks into oblivion. I needed that information to finish writing the pattern up so the socks could go in the mail today. This small problem necessitated my moving the chair and tightening the screws, then sifting through every scrap and shred around my chair until I finally found the ball band - IN THE TRASH CAN, a thing I cannot hit to save my life when I am aiming for it, hence all the scraps and shreds I needed to sort through.
3.) My fire keeps going out, necessitating my constant intervention. Lots of checking, re-checking, poking, adding smallest things I can find without depleting the dwindling kindling supply, which distresses Mr. Wonderful greatly. Although at the moment, do I CARE if we have to spend next weekend finding kindling?? Right now I don't think I do.
4.) Nearing finalization of the sock pattern, I looked out the window and saw this:More blessed snow. And my poor birds hiding under the house to escape the snow flurries. Was I expecting a snow storm? No. So I'd let them out. I headed out to convince them to move into the house, which they did willingly and graciously. I came back in and went back to work. Finally, done. Ready to go. I looked out the window and saw this:Little heavier, I'd say. In fact, heavy enough to keep me home, since the road is covered with over an inch of the stuff now, and no sander has come, meaning I might (even "would") get down the hill, but with the lovely layer of snow over the ice, and no weight in the back of my car (Mr. Wonderful took away my wood pellets for actual fuel use, so there's nothing back there now but an empty grain bag and my grocery bags - not enough to keep my adorable but teeny car stuck to an icy snowy road) it is not likely I will get back up. Of course, I could give it a shot, and then wait at the bottom of the hill for the sander, as experience tells me I won't make it back up without him in front of me. One assumes it will come through by 3:15, since the school bus comes back at 3:30. Although the other day, Friday? The bus just refused to come up. So I could be down there 'till Mr. Wonderful or Girl come along, but then considering they both drive Micro Machines also, the chances of THEM getting up the hill are only marginally greater than my own (given that their vehicles weigh about 200-300 pounds more than my own, and actually have a back end on them).
So, you know what?? I am not even going to try. I am staying here. I've got yarn. I've got coffee. I've got cocoa. What else do I need?These are the cashmere socks before completion. There's no one here to take a picture of them done-done, but trust me, they are just lovely. I adore them. They are light and pretty and sparkly, and I love love love them.
I finished April's hat, but am waiting for actual April to show it. And - Malea, take heart - I swatched and cast your Sublime/Longmeadow hoodie on last night. You're my new official chill-out project.
It is possible that some day spring will come. But I am not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

You can come on down and visit Spring at my house anytime :) It's still mid-winter at my sister's house too, she's in Cummington and has at least 2 feet of snow still blanketing her yard.
Yummy, sparkly, cashmere...mmmmm

PurlingPirate said...

Coffee. Cocoa. Yarn. All good!! Wish I was there to join you!

Yarnhog said...

Man. I sympathize with your Monday blues.

I made breakfast and lunch, took two sets of kids to school, took my car in for a smog check, and then for a new registration sticker (because it's way, way overdue and I am in serious danger of getting it ticketed and/or towed), then I balanced my check book, paid bills, talked to the bank, registered the kids for summer camp, cleaned the house, shoveled out my so-called files, and did the laundry. Does that sound like Monday to you? Not even one fun thing in the whole lot, and it cost me a fortune. Yuck.

I need a fiber fix.

Anonymous said...

Friday, rain in Northampton, 5 f-ing inches of snow in Williamstown. I had to go to Gwen's for a photo shoot and got stuck in her driveway, had to have four people rock my big ol' minivan out. God, please buy me a Volvo. BTW, NOW you can put the book back in the blog. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.