Monday, March 24, 2008

Busted. (well, tagged, really...)

Thanks to Tina, Knitting Contessa and Queen of Purses, I have been tagged, and therefore you will all be subjected to seven random facts about me. Ready?

1.) I was a cheerleader. Yeah, really. I've also been a ballerina, tap dancer, figure skater, and - my all-time favorite - equestrian.

2.) I got my first pair of glasses when I was 2, precocious, and reading. I am told that I was insulted by the pictures of birthday cakes and trucks and requested letters for my test. I can believe it. In an attempt to wrangle cooperation from the toddler me, the optometrist told me they were "Teddy Bear Pink". This was not successful. The fact that I could see, however, was. "Mommy..there's leaves on the trees!!"

3.) For years I convinced myself that I hated chocolate. It worked.

4.) Every year for Christmas my Aunt Blanche, a skilled artist, gave me oil paints which I promptly ruined, and then felt dumb and wasteful. I would still like to learn to paint.

5.) My obsession with Disney World disturbs me. Not like I am going to stop going or anything. Just sayin'.

6.) When I was 8, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls and made long lists of what I'd need from ropes for tying my stuff onto my wagon to feed for my livestock when we traveled. By 13 the lists were detailed and had a bibliography. By the time I was I was 16 I wanted a homestead, and the lists turned into notebooks filled with pages of gleaned knowledge on everything from soap making to hog killing. When I was 18 I made the crazy (for those days, and given my age) decision to home birth, cloth diaper, breast feed and make my own baby food. I didn't get the home births, and I am still not over it BUT you could take away my electricity and running water and I'd be fine, and my family would be fed and clothed.

7.) If I could I would go back to school and take every single class offered, one by one, beginning with Accounting and ending with Zoology.

And I hereby tag Katy, Rachel and Stacey. Let's see 7 random things, people.


Anonymous said...

I also was a cheerleader.
The LIW thing does not surprise me

MadMad said...

Too funny... I love these things. Just seven though... that's pretty tricky...

tina said...


I want to know if you can do all of the things in #1 simultaneously! Now that would be a trick and a half!!!

Anonymous said...

My family too, could contently live without electricity etc. It is sad how much people depend on those types of things. I would prefer it actually. Give me my knitting and I am good to go.

I do as much homesteading as I possible can, especially with todays economy.

Happy knitting!