Monday, December 03, 2007

Will Walk for Chocolate. And a Cause.

(First, Mr. Wonderful updated the official MelissaKnits website this past week, for which he deserves applause in the form of clicks. If you feel up to it, pop over and take a look around so his hit counter goes up. It will make him smile. We added an "Upcoming Events" toggle and swapped some things around. I like the look. I was kind of a neurotic nag about this, not a fun wife, and so any support we can offer him will make my life, and his, a little happier.)

This past Saturday was the 4th Annual Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton. There's also a walk, conveniently for those of us who will only go so far for chocolate and a cause. Call me a wimp, but running just is not my thing unless there's a treadmill with impact reduction involved. Now, we're not residents of Northampton being some 30 miles to the north, but we do both have a soft spot for the cause. The run is in support of Safe Passage, which assists women who are victims of domestic violence, and strive for a community "where violence is not the answer".
It was a brisk morning, a whopping 23 degrees F here when we left. We got to the start/finish on Gothic Street and pinned on our numbers, and waited in the crush for the start of the walk. Walkers began a half hour before runners on a nearly 2 mile loop. We were about halfway back in the pack, which made for a little frustration for me. This is odd because I have stubby legs and usually am trying to keep up with people. There were a lot of families and kids in strollers and on foot, and many dogs. I decided I totally want a poodle mix of some kind for my next dog. They're just so happy. We made it back to the start/finish in time to see the runners head out, which was fun. Then I drank cocoa, then I drank half of Mr. W's cocoa and proceeded to get nauseous from too much cocoa too fast. My breakfast had consisted of my usual banana, sans cup of decaf, so I'd stupidly not had anything to drink since getting out of bed. I figured it was just a couple of miles. I should have had a water bottle on me. But it was totally fun and I want to do it again.
Walking out...

walking back...

RUN! (Have fun with that...)

A better woman then I, Amy, Director of Publicity at Storey Publishing. Feel free to contact her and beg for my appearance at a yarn or book store near you. Bonus points if you've got contact info for said yarn/book store, double bonus points if they're interested. I think Amy's wearing about fifty million layers here. But she looks happy, which is unusual - most runners I see look kind of sad and pained. Of course, she'd seen me, and had to know she'd end up here so she might be faking it.

A penguin and a polar bear, from the logo designed for the event by Hilary Price who authors the syndicated Rhymes with Orange strip, which, if you have never read you really really should. They were cute, and ran the whole course in those outfits, for which I give them great kudos.

Kids - love this. Get them out there young. Mr W's youngest ran when he was young. It was really good for him. I love it when the kids want it so, so bad.

Then it was reward time...this's...(sniffle) a GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!! Melissa Loves Hillside Pizza. This is my second visit - the first was broccoli. This time I got spinach and garlic. Oh, my, YUM.

We next stopped at World Eye Bookshop in Greenfield for the Holly Hobbie signing of her Toot and Puddle books. I didn't remember to bring my camera (because I am Craptastic Blogger!!)I bought two, one for Emily and one for April and Holly signed them graciously. I love these books. Girl had the first one well past the time when she should have just for the illustrations. Omie wants them ALL! Then I came home and started another sweater for April. I am obviously not done exorcising my grandma knitting. This is Hermine from Baby Knits from Dale of Norway: Soft Treasures for Little Ones in Jawoll solids and Artyarns Ultramerino 4, UM4-111. This book is totally out of print. I own two. I love this book.

Check this out - books under lock and key for the launch. Things like this make me giggle.

Also giggle making is the British Edition, published by David and Charles. So now both editions sit side by side next to my monitor, so I can giggle all day. Also note the blue book there, with the white A just visible? That's a book called Ask the Pilot which Katy says will make my brain all better about flying. Yeah. Sure. That and a bottle of Xanax and a good, stiff drink.

I went to Gail's house last week. I love going to Gail's house. When I go to Gail's, things like this happen.

Now I am going to go watch the snow fall, and eat my last two slices of gluten free pizza, and knit a little, and ponder the meaning of life (not really, but it sounded good!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I look so athletic! Dan saw that picture and said,'you look much bigger in that picture than you actually are." Which I don't know if that's a compliment or not.

janet said...

I have always wanted to do a run. I can run maybe 5 miles nothing more but I usually don't run on the street. San Diego has lots of runs so I'm putting this idea back on the goals list.

tina said...

I shall, my dear, leave the gluten free pizza for you (although I'm sure it is delish). The official site looks great, I send wild applause.

I want the book, like bad! Good thing my desk is piled really high and Knitting Contrisstmas is keeping me busy or I'd be kind of ugly about it. Under lock and key indeed! Harumph!!!!!

Yarnhog said...

It sounds like so much fun! Well, except for the 23 degrees thing. Don't you get to take a sick day or something when it's that cold?