Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Down, One to Go!!

Ahhh, new babies. Nothing like 'em. One of the much anticipated babies came today. She spent the night on a cold garage floor and was found by Mr. (truly amazing, supportive and) Wonderful when he was heading out for work. I brought her in and cried over her. I made her as comfortable as I could while I got ready for work. Today was radio/podcast taping day for the book promotion on Ready, Set, Knit; Webs own podcast. This will air Saturday at 9am on WHMP locally, or can be downloaded as a podcast. In it I say "ummmm" a couple of times, and generally embarrass myself by things like not being able to remember the names of my sample kniters (Kristen Gonsalves NOT Kirsten, for example). It's cool. I highly recommend it, just for the laugh. I hope I improve with experience. Otherwise, someone should shut me up.

Isn't she adorable? You should see her spiral. Her 17 patterns. Her beautifully laid out technique section. She's so lovely. We got in the car and headed for Webs. I knew there were a lot of people waiting for her. First she met Mary...

Mary made noises that sounded like "squee" and ooooh-ed and aaaaahhh-ed over the pages, and the spiral and the beautiful pictures. Then Karen came in and saw her...

She was very excited. Her sample socks are called Coquette. Without Karen Minott and my other sample knitters, Katy Wight, Mary-Alice Baker, Kristen Gonsalves, Tamara Stone-Snyder, and Rue Shanti this book would never have happened. Seriously. No way could I have designed and knit 17 pair of socks in 13 weeks, AND written patterns and the technique section, taught at Webs, not killed my kid or husband, and fed the dog at least once a day. No way. They saved my life, saved the book. Mr. Steve even seemed excited about the new arrival - and that's a lot for a guy!

Next we went into Customer Service and saw Linda. She just wanted to hold the baby - look at her reaching out for it. That's grandmas. 'Gimme that baby!'

Finally Kathy got to see her.

Kathy, who has been a stalwart supporter, incredible friend, and comforting listener since the beginning, and really shares responsibility with Stephanie DeSantis at Storey for really making me send in that proposal a year or more ago, should have seen her first. But you know, you take a baby out, and everyone wants a glimpse. Next we taped the radio show/podcast, and I returned to Webs to find a button for my Peace Baby sweater for April (the next baby coming soon!!) After taping we found Pixie taking a lunch break in the classroom, and introduced her.

While Pixie was flipping pages and oooh-ing and aaahh-ing, Megan (not mine, a different one) came into the classroom. As you can see her joy knew no bounds!

By this time, baby and me were getting a little tired. It'd been a long day. Way too much excitement for me, though the book seemed ready for another round. On our way out the door, she found a few more fans - from left to right: KT (I knew Meliabella would tell me), Eliza and Marion.

Now, retrospectively - the holiday we recently celebrated...Banana Cream Pie for my MIL's Thanksgiving dinner, from scratch, and really really yummy (if I do say). There was a pumpkin too, but this one is really my fave.

Then there's my faithful assistant, who's sole task is to clean the bowls before they go into the dishwasher. He totally loves this job, which you'd think was an oddity, until you realize he does it with a spatula and his tongue.

Friday was spent peacefully at home, with Mr W. Girl, Son #1, a good bottle of wine, a few bottles of Molsen XXX and an amazing turkey. Brine, The secret is in the brine. Go ahead. Ask me why Mr W is so intent on his arm. It involves Poor Mel, and a lot of hyperactive cat stimulation that almost always results in injury to the human. You'd think one of them would learn. So what am I thankful for? Every minute.


Melissa (Meliabella) said...

GASP! She's beautiful! I am so excited! (You're bringing her back on Thursday for me to coo over, right?)

Pssst - That's KT on the left. :)

PurlingPirate said...

Aaaw, congrats! She looks beautiful! Just like her Mama!

Sara said...

Aw yeah!
18 days till launch - Woohoo!
So! So, excited for you.

Yarnhog said...

Squeeee! She's just lovely!

[Do you realize there is yarn in every single work picture? Do you really work in heaven, or was that just a set up?)

Marlena said...

Would you mind sharing your recipe for banana cream pie? It's my most favorite of pies!

Also, I missed on the first read that the baby was the book. Duh. You can imagine my horror though at trying to find out what happened to this baby! :)

Petra said...

AWESOME!!! She's a beauty!

MadMad said...

Congrats on the perfect baby! She looks fab! Can't wait to get my hands on her!

Nikki said...

I've been thinking about that book. Does it do both top-down and bottom-up?

Virtuous said...

CONGRATS! On your book! I SO can't wait to get it!
I have been waiting on someone to publish a sock book for 2 socks on 1 needle!! YAH!

I took a class over the summer time on how to do it and knew that is the ONLY way I would go with socks! LOL

So 2008 will be my "Year of the Sock" to really dig into them.
Your book will be a great guide! Thx!!!