Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For Elaine, and some news!

Elaine asks two questions:

"Melissa, I want to buy your book. Is it better to buy it on Amazon or from Webs? When will Webs have it?"

Well, Elaine, I will answer your first question first! If you're local, and you don't want to wait for Amazon (who, in my experience, is often slow in shipping pre-ordered items) there will be books available at the launch party and at Webs, I assume beginning December 16th. I and Webs are assured by the publisher (Amy...correct me if I am wrong here...) that books are coming by air for the launch party. Each one will be signed by moi, and personalized if you stand in line and have me sign it for you on the spot. It will not be $12, though. It'll be $16.95.So really it comes down to patience and money. If you are willing to wait it out for the $4 savings, order it from Amazon. If you want it now, now, now (like me, who'd probably buy a case of the things just to HAVE IT HERE NOW) then you can snag one at Webs.

"And what the hell is peppercorn chocolate, anyway? :)"

Your second question requires more contemplation. I am a bit of a chocolate lover. Also dark, smokey, leathery wines and warm, peaty scotches. I like thick, rich flavors with lots of complexity and layering. Dolfin is a well-known Belgian chocolate maker who specializes in blending high-quality chocolate with novel and rich flavors, like ginger, cardamom, anise, etc. As they say "Fruits, spices, herbs and flowers are mingled with precious chocolate in sometimes surprising but always harmonious combinations." The pink peppercorn is just that - a blend of a dark chocolate and crushed pink peppercorn blended in a way that makes your eyes water and your face break out in smiles. We're talking rich, deep flavors, lower fat than conventional chocolates, higher cocoa content, and some really stellar blends. For a really enjoyable sit and knit night, get a bunch of women together, buy a couple of Dolfin sampler packs and nosh your way through them, preferably with a tawny port. Almost as good as...well, maybe not that good, but darn close.

Now, news - yesterday my son (Indigestion, anyone?) called me and told me that 1.) I have been added to the labor and delivery room list, meaning there may be, if Sarah2 does not change her mind (which I would totally respect) excessive newborn bonding with April as I may be at her birth, which would totally thrill me beyond reason and 2.) she's 90% effaced and 2 cm dilated and the baby is well down in her pelvis. Labor is expected within the next 5 days. I'm gonna be a GRANDMA (again)!!

Oh, gee. I just went and read the Indigestion post. Tear-jerker, given the likely outcome of this coming week.


Melissa said...

Hurray for new babies! <3

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kristi said...

Yummy chocolate and new babies..congratulations to you and your family!

Happy Thanksgiving.

traci said...

yay babies!
Although, not to burst your bubble, but I walked around 80% effaced and 2 cm for 3 weeks! Can't wait to meet her, whenever she comes.

Happy Turkey Day!

Yarnhog said...

Your Indigestion post is very touching. My best friend (since high school) called me yesterday to tell me her 17 year old niece is getting married in December. She's pregnant. Her mom (my friend's sister) also married at 17 because she was pregnant. I was deeply dismayed--both times. Babies having babies, and all. But perhaps it will work out for her. You are certainly proof that it's not the end of the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elaine said...

Thanks for the info Melissa. I am now going to have to buy some of that chocolate also! I'll be checking to see new baby stats.

Persnickety said...

Very exciting news! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Kathy said...

PLUS - For anyone buying their book at WEBS a FREE, EXCLUSIVE sock pattern designed by Melissa will be included. Heck, that's way worth the extra $4.00 and all. Now we all know Melissa has to be polictically correct (hee hee) and not show a preference for one retailer over another, we all know she's sitting at home screaming at her computer "Go to WEBS, buy the book at WEBS!". Really, I can hear her all the way at my house (and we're a good 20 miles apart).

Trust me on this.