Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Interwebs Despise Me.

I have been trying since the day of turkey to post this. Just one. simple. thing. And the lovely Wildblue satellite internet has not been cooperative.

There's a movement afoot, and I am joining. Now, I could tell sad stories of knitted gifts gone bad, rejected by the giftee, but I won't. Yarnhog has waxed eloquent on the subject, and I stand behind her. And I am making a promise to me. I am not knitting any Christmas gifts this year. Nada. Not a one. That's all I'm sayin'. Brave? Defeated? Heart-broken? Emotionally scarred by a giftee? Join us.

And Kathy is totally right in her comment on last post. Yes I think you should buy the book at Webs preferably on December 16th between 2 and 4 pm, because then I can sign it right there and meet you all, and have a totally rockin' night.

And exemptions to above no knitted gifts rule - grandbabies. Oh, and non-Christmas holidays. And projects already in progress. Yeah, that's it.


Sara said...

Aw, that's kinda sad.
I still have a couple yarny gifts on my list but they're only for prople who I know will appreciate them and they aren't gifts I'm stressing over.
Really though I think it ought to be no "gifts for gifts sake".

Kristen said...

What about only gifts for people who really like them (like my mom who keeps begging for more socks)? And fingerless mitts for my brother's girlfriend because I wanted to try the pattern and only she will fit in the size I make? In other words - STRESS FREE knitted gifts - the only way to go!

MadMad said...

A great idea! Although a scarf or two... and some baby things, like you said, and well, maybe just one little hat... But yeah. All the rest for me, me, me!

Yarnhog said...

Welcome! Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate (or whatever), put your feet up, and cast on for something gorgeous all for yourself!

janet said...

The irony of the No knitted gifts issue is that everytime I am knitting someone will ask,'What are you knitting and Who is it for? Which seems to suggest that they want me to knit something for them. Well I hope that like that cute dishsoap doll thing I just saw.