Monday, October 15, 2007

Patiently, she waits...

staring, staring at the mailbox and garage door (where larger parcels go) for a little package from Sweden. I am obsessed with a Radiance jacket for myself which helps to pass the time, and a crocheted baby set for April (due in December), and so my time is passed well enough. I am at least distracted from staring endlessly and pathetically at the mail. Two garments are on the docket for design, one in Colrain and one in Sheffield, and neither of them for Webs. I have not decided if they will be self-published, or sold away into magazine publication. Maybe one could be submitted to Knitty and I could keep one? This is where I am leaning. But I give you no details yet. More will be revealed!
This weekend Mr. Wonderful and I took a field trip around the region. We began Saturday morning in Brattleboro, VT buying a wood stove from Friends of the Sun and arranging for delivery. Oil continues to creep up with pellets right behind them. Meanwhile we live on 10 acres of woods, and trees fall regularly - either by design or by natural selection. Free fuel. And we're buying oil and pellets?? Seems sort of silly, really. So we found a lovely fireplace insert made by Jotul (I miss my Jotul, an F 300CB...sigh...) and the new insert will be installed in....about eight weeks. When you are stupid enough to wait for heating season to have a stove installed, well, you get what you get. Then we moved down to Mesa Verde (pant, pant, drool, drool) in Greenfield where I indulged in a Thai Burrito in a bowl with no tortilla. This is a hugely yummy thing. Next we headed for the bonus gift, the !reward for our earlier shopping trip (stove buying is not always a fun thing - you weigh environmental issues, cost, efficiency, size, etc. - it's really work). We made a visit to Pioneer Valley Vineyard. Linda greeted us and ushered us inside for a little sip. Or two. We saw the whole operation, the organic grapes out back, and one adorable granddaughter. I love the Cayuga which is a dry white made from ORGANIC grapes, not heavily astringent, crisp and alert in your mouth, that really mellows and gets more fruity and develops a little sweetness in your glass. We snagged a bottle of that, and also the cranberry (made from organic cranberries) for the holidays. I also bought a bar of red wine soap, because, well, really. Does that need any more explanation than buying chocolate soap?? Just so you know, they're open from noon to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday from October - December. The shop is lovely, the wine is good, and the people are just fantastic.
Then we shopped (boring) and I had a latte (dunkin donuts, but still yum!), and came home. Sunday was the awesomest day! Kim Werker launched her new book "Crochet Me" at Webs! Aside from the crochet part - which I dig as it is my first love - her message about empowerment really hits home with me. Listening to her is, for me, like listening to a kindred spirit in many ways (but not the creepy stalker way, really Kim, I swear). I am older, and did not have the opportunity to bail on grad school twice. But I never finished anything until the last few years - my mother too could heckle me from the back row with similar commentary on my relative lack of success in the areas she feels are important (following directions, completing projects, picking a single career path, preferably one that involves rich academic pursuits and a great deal of money) but am supported by a husband who just tips his head and smiles wryly and wonders what kind of a ride he's really in for. There's a reason why I never finish anything. Once begun, the realization that I can complete it dawns, and my mind is off and racing for the next new thing - finishing is never the point for me. STARTING is. In my brain it goes something like this: "Oh...pretty...start! I can do this! Mmmm....okaaaaayyy....bored. Boorrred!! HEY!! REALLY BORED NOW!! Changing. Changing NOW!! Oh look!! New pretty!! START!!..." and so on into eternity. It's really just a well controlled adult ADD, which I am sure I had as a child. Back then, in the dark ages we didn't get Ritalin, we just got bad grades from strict teachers, good grades from liberal ones, and started and stopped a lot. And, frankly, I would not shut it off if I could because it's all of who I am. There is nothing I cannot do. I can do anything I choose to do, wish to do, or even dare to dream to do. It's not ego, I swear, it's just my brain - NOT on drugs!
Anyway - about the woman's book (book, right, that was the point of the party?!?!) - I like it. I actually want to make 2-3 things in it...I love the Babydoll Dress, but as a little tunic and with not so puffy sleeves, so mods will be in order. I LOVE the Messenger Bag, which I think would be perfect in Northampton. The Comfy Cardi looks it, and therefore needs to be made. Kristen(genius)Omdahl's Mesmerize sweater is just amazing. Now, I am not sure if a 4'1" 40-something grandmother of two can pull some of this off, but by God I can try!!
Also met Ravelry Jess, who was loving up the samples by the cash wrap (I am not even sure what's over there right now), and seemed to enjoy shopping-time at Webs. What is it about Webs that people like? Is it the yarn? The excellent customer service? The champagne? Even Kim was shopping. Something about Webs just makes people want to shop. It even does it to me and I should be immune by now!
In other VERY exciting news, I became a Loopy Groupie this week, receiving my bag of goodies from the Loopy Ewe with my skein of Fleece Artist Somoko in color earth (so classic for me - yarn the color of dirt.). I really love this yarn. It is squashy and begging for my attention which I cannot give right now, being obsessed with Radiance and two new designs rocketing around my brain, and RHINEBECK!! coming up this weekend and the new baby needing grandma knit and crochet things. The PO smashed up my box amazingly well, and I was a little surprised that my mail carrier left it. Big old hole in the back when I picked it up - my hand went right into it. Let it not be said the the PO spares any energy in getting our packages about the nation, as evidenced by my poor box. Oh. Panic. What if they did that to MY BOHUS!?!?!?! AKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! They...they would not do THIS to yarn from Sweden, right? I mean, mail handlers totally know the importance of delivering yarn intact to it's new mom in the States all the way from Sweden, right? They're totally wonderful people who would not KILL INNOCENT YARN!?!? Would they??
I am going to go back to work (read: sitting and staring out the window waiting for the Bohus) now, and accomplish knitting and stuff so I have something to show you by the end of the week. I finished pieces of a garment but it's not together yet and pieces are sort of, well, boring really. Four More Sleeps Till Rhinebeck!


Kristi said...

Wow. What a weekend! You have to watch that post office, you never know WHAT they are going to do with your yarn...

Enjoy Rhinebeck. I missed the bus--so goes those who procrastinate! :)

marcy said...

and what was i n your loopy groupie reward? besides the yarn...have extra fun for me at rhinebeck...sniffle, sniff, sniff

LizzyJaine said...

The wait is kit arrived this afternoon. was soooo worth the wait!! The translation of the pattern was included so really, is there anything to keep me from getting started? I suppose that I should get the cuffs done anyway.

~~~fellow adult ADD sufferer

mary alice said...

It's an aquarian thing- not ADD!

Thanks for the links, you vinophile you!

Three sleeps!!

Persnickety Knitter said...

I wish I could have gone to the Kim Werker thing. Sometimes it's a bummer living so far from Webs.