Monday, October 22, 2007

A hangover, but in a GOOD way...

**updated** - I found out who people are! I added links! I really should work on that...

Rhinebeck...oh, the Rhinebeck...when will I learn?
First, on Friday there were margaritas:

That's Kristen, Cindy, Tammy, Katy and Dena, from right to left. Actually, that's left to right. Rhinebeck Hangover, remember?? We were at a place I have already forgotten the name of. I do remember the fly in Katy's margarita. Really, wings and all. All for Katy....maybe the bartender knew she had a cold and threw the fly in as some sort of odd cold remedy?? Missing when picture was taken: Mary-Alice who has a J-O-B that did not allow for her to be with us until later in the evening.
Then there were knitters in the lobby:

I admit to being giddy enough after my lovely Margarita that I invited them to my book launch in December. But sober enough to advise they stay an extra night, leave Monday morning, and stop at Webs on the way home for some Noro. Priorities. One can always say one's car broke down if one's employer asks impertinent questions.
On Saturday morning there were Mimosas in the parking lot, and some members of the party played Dress-Up:

That's Katy, Mary-Alice, Kristen, Cindy and Tammy adorning themselves with 2-at-a-Time Sock stickers. Missing when picture was taken - Dena, who's standing next to me talking Texas with the two lovely ladies, Pamela and Petra of the Purling P's that we invited to our breakfast bash. Texas to New York, for the love of yarn. Pretty cool, I think.
Then there was shopping - Brooks Farm for me, and then The Fold, which I couldn't even get my little self into, so I yielded. Someone (MARY!!) was smarter than I, and brought along her very own Personal Line-Stander in the form of The Good Ed.

We love Ed. Greater love hath no man for his finacee than this - that he stands in line clutching two skeins of sock yarn and a fistful of cash. Mr Wonderful will carry for me...but stand?? Not so much. I wonder if Ed will still do this after the wedding. Normally I bring Mr. W. and Girl to Rhinebeck on Sunday afternoon. Girl and I shop, we look at animals, we eat animals, and we leave. I would eat artichokes, but they roll them in wheat flour. I would eat fried pickles, but they roll them in wheat flour. I'd even eat apple crisp, but they top it with wheat flour. All the fun food at Rhinebeck appears to be glutanimated (new word). This year was so completely different from my previous Rhinebeck experiences. A group of women, a hotel, Margaritas, champagne, more Margaritas, yarn, and self-promotion (which I am not that good at, frankly).
Speaking of Brooks Farm, how many people vote that the ladies of Brooks Farm Yarn come to visit in December? Even if they can't bring any yarn?? Show of hands...I think it'd be awesome - they want to see Webs!
Saturday night was Jess and Casey's kick-butt Ravelry party. Unfortunately I forgot my camera (because I am a fool) but Persnickety brought hers, so maybe we'll see pics soon. Much was given away, much fun was had, nad much love for Casey and Jess was expressed. I put Casey first. He knows what Herradura tequila is. he gets to be first)
On Sunday there were no Mimosas, but there was a person standing on two draft horses.

I do not know why he did this, but he seemed very pleased with himself and the attention he garnered. I love draft horses, but prefer to sit on one at a time, not stand on two. Hey. Wait. 2-at-a-Time Horses!! Perhaps I have more in common with him than I know. If one is good, two must be better!
I got in line to pay for Kathy's book (The Knitter's Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes, which is an amazing, exceptional bit of work but more on that tomorrow)and saw something that made me a little choked up really.

A stack of my postcards. Right there by the register. And people were actually picking them up!! And taking them away with them! Warmed my heart. ADDED: the bangs and forehead in this pic belong to Lisa, who's son Ronnie currently is receiving chemo for a brain tumor and who (Lisa, not Ronnie) is running 'a' marathon (she says it's only gong to be one, but it could become an addiction)to raise money for pediatric cancer research.
Then I ate lamb with Tammy and Cindy (Yes, it is true. I eat lamb at sheep and wools. It's what I do):

But I will say that as good as the lamb chops were, the spinach was AMAZING and next year they could serve me a big ole plate of that with some salad and my bottle of water, and I'd be happier than the happiest clam. I wish I knew what they did to it.
Most importantly I Got Stuff. Cool Stuff.

I may have a soap problem. And a wine problem, and a yarn problem and a jam problem and a dip problem (specifically on that last one? The garlic dipping oil mix. Mmmm.). Actually, it occurs to me that the wine in the picture is Linda's wine. But that's not what i bought at Rhinebeck. I bought a reisling and a cabernet and something called Schooner Red on Saturday from Hazlitt, then on Sunday I could not resist Cascade Mountain's Vintage Coueur De Lion and Vintage Private Reserve Red. I also shamelessly bought a chocolate wine. It was really surprisingly good, and really quite chocolaty.
I got Acero and Macero (worsted weight Acero!) at Brooks. I really did very well at self-restraint in the yarn department. I had a limited budget. The jams and stuff I could put down as gifts for Christmas, and get away with it. Yarn - well, really, no one in my family wants yarn for Christmas unless I've done something with it in the interim, which I really don't have time for lately.
Tomorrow - reviews of Kaffe Fasset's Kaffe Knits again, Clara Parkes' The Knitters Book of Yarn, and Doris Chen's Everyday Crochet.
After all the late-night chatting, and long-day shopping, I tumbled into my bed last night and slept like a sweet little log. I think I shall again this evening, with lamb chop dreams and yarny wishes.


Mary said...

Of course he will still do it after the wedding :) He's a good one!

I raise both hands for Brooks Farm to come in December (even if they don't bring yarn). I wasn't in the booth very long, but they were super nice!!

Melissa (Not Blogless! Click me!) said...

I too raise my hand to a Brooks Farm visit (even yarnsless, though I'd love some more Duet...)! ;)

frecklegirl jess said...

You can totally put Casey first. :)

So great seeing you!!

Kathy said...

So do we really want them coming in December for the most important book launch party EVER or in May for the Fleece Market/Tent Sale?

Persnickety Knitter said...

Ah, good times, good times.

Will get pics out soon.

FYI, the women from Texas were Petra and Pamela of the Purling P's.

Marlena said...

Where did you stay? The lobby looks so nice.

LisaB said...

Hey, in the picture of the postcards for your book you can see my bangs (and the sunglasses on top of my head). It was nice meeting you in line. I can't wait to buy your book.

MelissaKnits said...

They don't have to bring yarn to the most important book launch ever. Unless say they wanted to bring along a few skeins of Acero as a gift to the author - who is a glutton for that stuff and wishes she'd bought six or eight more skeins and about ten of Macero, and and and and and and ...

They could come for the same reason we all See Webs.

MelissaKnits said...

oh - hotel is the Marriott Courtyard Kingston. It's adjacent to a mall, and a giant Target. The rooms were big and lovely, really.

Tammy, are you going to come with me everywhere since I can't remember names to save my life???

MadMad said...

Wait, wait, wait. There is such a thing as CHOCOLATE WINE?!

MadMad said...

Oh, OK. I'm back. I was a little too excited to type, there. Whew.

OK. I am SOOOOOOO jealous of the outing, I can't even tell you. I woulda even drank the fly-ed margarita, just to be there. Oh well. I'm glad you had fun. I'm sure your book will be a huge success, too.

Yarnhog said...

How far is too far to go for yarn? My husband and I have very different ideas about this. I think it is perfectly reasonable to fly 3500 miles to attend a sheep and wool festival. He thinks this might be a bit excessive. What do you think?

PurlingPirate said...

Was so great to meet you!! We look forward to your book coming out in soon!