Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Anonymous:

Now you've done it. You've pushed me over the edge. I can't let that languish as a comment. It needs to be seen, it needs to be read. It needs exposure. Therefore it is in the utmost adoration that I publish your creation here on my modest blog, in hopes that it earn the salutes it so richly deserves. It is...breathtaking. Brilliant. I am moved.

Without further ado, I present the comment left by anonymous on my blog:

There you are
Suggestively perched on your shelf
With that handle only you can wear
Your sparkling zipper dazzles me
And I draw closer
Appreciative of every curve
Each line enticing me

If we were together
You would help me carry my burdens
And when life gets rough,
You'll have my shoulder to hang on
You're perfection in three little letters
A limited edition
And you match my shoes

My darling
My love
My bag


Kristi said...

A fitting tribute!

MelissaKnits said...

it's as if anonymous KNOWS me. Who is this anonymous? I think whoever it is should confess. Come forth, anon!! Announce your presence!

Anonymous said...

Ah, alas, alack. And title less I am borne unto the world. All I have writ was intended indeed to be no more than a trifle.
And yet I shall come forward, as commanded by the ruler of this oasis in the raging torrents of the internet.
'Tis true that I know you, for we are daily in company. I come to amuse, that is all. If mine comments hath vexed you or yours in any way, you may condemn me to silence; though it be as a death sentence to the only ray of sun in this dark and loathsome existence of mine.
Ever your humble servant,
Ferdinand the Morbid and Poetic Stalker Bat

Melissa said...

I think this is a fitting blog entry. Might they be talking about the sleeve bag? ;)

P.S. I think Anon needs their own blog. ;) My space doesn't count.

Katy said...

A brilliant poem. You should be proud of - ahem - anonymous.