Thursday, July 12, 2007

And the "Worst Blogger Ever" award goes to....

Her stellar failure to bring her camera to CGOA/TKGA Professional Development Day, where she met Lily Chin and Kim Werker, and saw Edie Eckman, Gwen Bortner, Rita Weiss, Jean Leinhauser, Kathleen Sams, Darla Fanton, Marge Scensny, Jennifer Hansen and Vashti Braha amoung others has earned her this award.

So far - I got a goodie bag from Coats, and a second goodie bag to boot. There's lots of Coats yarns, and a free crochet hook - a crystalite, which I don't love but someone will. I learned a HUGE amount from Lily Chin. Kim Werker is a walking ball of youthful energy that should be packaged and marketed.

Now, when I get home I can add links, but for some reason Blogger and Safari don't speak nicely to each other. During Kim's break-out Internet saavy session I learned about a little thing called Wordpress. I could respond to comments. And we can migrate, so we'd lose nothing! I sense that there may be changes around here. A big ole' migration!

And in response to the comment by anonymous citizen - I am sorry, in my response to your comment I referred to you as Girl. Of course you're not Girl. You're an anonymous citizen. Totally, totally anonymous. But you may have to fight Yarnhog for the shawl, if it's green anyway!


Peggy said...

Oh man!!!! Bummer!!!! I hate it when I want to take pictures and I either left the camera at home or the batteries hadn't been charged. Happened to me last night in fact!! Sounds like a wonderful time other than that.

Kristi said...

My problem never seems to be that I forget my camera, but that I forget it likes to give me a "memory card error" at the worst times. Like when the Yarn Harlot came to speak here. :(

Technology notwithstanding, sounds like you had fun, and who couldn't have fun when there are goodie bags?

Mary said...

Oh noes!!! No camera!!

Sounds like you're having a great time...I'm jealous!

If you need tech help, perhaps Ed can be of service.

Yarnhog said...

Hey, who's this anonymous who wants my shawl?

I have a similar problem when it comes to photos. I got a tiny digital camera to carry in my purse so that I would never miss a shot. Instead, my battery always dies the moment I see something photo-worthy.

Dena said...

I use WordPress and I love it.

MelissaKnits said...

My camera is pretty dead. Just downloaded today's pics and they're not..good. I think it's nearing the end.

Does Ed speak blogger to wordpress migration? Gene prefers not to speak it.

Don't worry about anonymous. I've got her under control. Uh, I mean, them under control.

A completely anonymous citizen. It's almost scary how unknown this person is. said...

Dear MelissaKnits,
I am shocked, *shocked* I say, and amazed you would force your poor innocent child into labor. I'm sure her poor little hands are worked to the bone as is. Also I'd like to say I'm offended at the implication that I am said daughter.
And no worries Yarnhog, She, I mean, I... well, whoever doesn't fight people I don't know. Or she doesn't... Who was it again? Anyways it's all good.