Monday, May 07, 2007

Twisted Knickers All Around

A couple of weeks ago, Katy came to drop-in ready to tackle a project that had twisted her knickers. We all have these. You think everything is chugging along just fine and WHAM, something you missed, or failed to note in time, whacks you full in the face. Katy had a mis-crossed cable. And not a mis-crossed cable under an arm, hiding
invisibly near a side seam. No. Katy had a mis-crossed cable dead center back of an adorable little tank/vest number. After an appropriate period of project time-out, she was ready to meet the problem head one. Surrounded by affectionate support, and fortified with appropriate snacks (sans wine, which I really recommend for this sort of thing, but it is a yarn store, not a living room, and we don't have a liquor license...yet...) There are a few fixes for the mis-crossed cable. There's ignore it and forget it, always a favorite with me on personal projects. There's the
cut and switch method. There's duplicate stitch. There's rip out the whole back and re-knit it. And there's my personal favorite - drop just the cabled stitches down to the error and re-knit them, correcting your mistake. With all of these options presented and researched, Katy chose to drop'em down and knit 'em up again. For me, duplicate stitch will not rest easily in my mind. I will always know that the error is there. Cutting into the cable, while effective, causes my little heart to skip a beat. Ripping out an entire half of a garment makes my eyes water. But dropping 6, or 4, or 8 or however many stitches down and reknitting the boo-boo, correcting as we go? It works for me.
As I said, we were well fortified with salsa and chips - a nice pile of gluten free snacks. A nice hot salsa will release endorphins, and while not the same as a glass of a nice red wine it can have a calming and soothing effect. By the way, interesting to note, the red salsa was labeled hot, while the green rated a medium I believe. In reality the reverse was true. The green one was hotter, not horribly hot, but noticeably hotter than the red. In the end, Katy's knicker twist was resolved without incident, but with much amusement.
Hysterically funny this weekend: While outside, Girl and Tut cavort on the deck, enjoying a moment of bonding with one another.

Aren't they adorable? Just a Girl and her Fowl...

Yet inside the view was not as rosy and sunny and joyful.

These are some twisted knickers. Jealousy. This is jealousy. I think if he ever gets out, the hen is toast.

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Yarnhog said...

Well, now you have me intrigued. The only cable fixes I know are rip-it-out or drop the stitches and re-knit the cable (my prefered fix). I'm not familiar with duplicate stitch, and I can't quite picture cutting the cable. This is the problem with being self-taught and not knowing any knitters. If I haven't come up with it on my own, I don't know how to do it. But I'm glad the fix worked out. There's nothing so glaring as a mis-crossed cable.