Monday, May 14, 2007

Can't Afford Souviners?

So here's the bullet - we're on vacation, right? And Mr. Wonderful, God love him, is so cheap he squeaks. I can get small things for Em and Aidan, but that's it. So far, Emily has a small t-shirt and Aidan has a very cool Union flat cap. As I motor on, I find things to give others, but Mr Wonderful won't let me bring them home with me, to wit:
For Malea - really good Mexican, in Virginia??

For Amy - I went, I saw, I ran like hell...

And for Kathy - I found an omelet man. Unfortunately he's at a Holiday Inn...

There's been some very dull knitting involving a marketing scheme which will photograph better when it's all done. And the beginning of one pair of baby socks. In the car we've got four projects that I can't wait to get started on. Tomorrow: the Skyline Drive and some kind of cavern. This sounds cool.


boo an murv said...

To Mama an Daddy:
i yam vary sad yu left me with thees meen creetrs. girl taks me owt offen enuf, but she won let me snif lik daddi dos an sais thins like "i haf too go too wurk now." that maks me sad.
but wurse, hannah sleeps on mi bed now. dat is jus low. i haf to wate untel girl coms home an taks kitty uway beefore i cen nap.
murvin is setin nex tu me. he is de nices kitty evr, an gud naterd. lik now he is smikring lots. we expeckt gud briebs wen yu get home.
luv yu gys, have a grate trip.
yurs alwayz,
boo boo an murvin
this is Mel now, please return home as swiftly as is convenient. This dog, very simply put, is a nut-case.
Kindest Regards,

Melissa said...

oh my goodness. BOO-BOO CAN WRITE!!!!