Friday, September 22, 2006


Embrace the the sweater...embrace the the sweater...

It's going to take a lot more than one glass of wine to create a loving environment for this puppy. But it's nearly done, so that's a good thing. I want a mulligan on it. I do not like the neckline. I do not like the colorwork. I want to make a new version, and I shall eventually do so, but not for at least two weeks, because Malea needs her rockstar, and that must and shall be a priority. As of Monday, totally as of Monday it's definately, totally a huge priority!!
And check this - one skein of custom dyed Kangaroo Dyer yarn, using Valley Yarns laceweight alpaca silk. Deee-vine, very Melissa colors, and I cannot wait to decide what to do with it! Design something I think, at least that's the plan.
Wish me luck! Tomorrow I teach a group of kids, ages 7 and up, homeschoolers (phew!), to drop-spindle in a town an hour from home. And my life for two weeks has been Herman (Hermina). Will be interesting to see if I can stay awake, speak coherently, etc. I am taking my assistant (Girl!!) with me to do the actual demonstrating of said drop spindling. I am entirely too brain-fried to even remember how to use the wheel, let alone the accursed spindle. I've never been a drop spindle fan.
But you know, it was a turkish spindle, purchased at Cummington a long long time ago that started the whole thing. After that came The Babe, (double treadle Fiber Starter that I later sold on eBay for what I paid! - how can you not adore a wheel who's parts can be bought at a hardware store??), and then I procured enough Ashford stuff to bea Kiwi, and then I taught myself to knit, and then I discovered Webs, and the rest is, well...Mystory! I miss spinning. I miss the peace of it. Maybe after tomorrow, inspired by the youth, I'll make more time.

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