Monday, September 25, 2006

Herman est Mort

We must now refer to the garment formerly known as Herman as "The Main Street Sweater". This shall be it's new and forever title, named by Kathy Elkins because I was so stuck on Herman I could not see past it. Besides, it's really her sweater now, so I have little attachment to it's name. It's done, and upon finishing I enjoy it more. I don't say love, because that would be a total lie or at the least an overestimation of the facts in the case. But the shape is good, simple, and I like the more open neck, and the colors are working for me more now, and speaking to me though softly. If it were for myself I'd do something very different with the colorwork, more squares and rectangles, a rectilinear yoke broken down into literal and minimal blocks of color.

Oh for the love of...Mel. Would you LOOK at this? This is an old cast-off treadmill shoe. It has to be more than a year old, and it was heading for the trash as all good shoes must in time. It's not just his favorite toy. It's like a bosom companion, a security blanket of sorts for when his Girl leaves him alone. He plays with sneakers, just like a D-O-G. The thing is not a cat. It's a dog, and every new revelation of his personality only proves it.

Speaking of dogs, we have a visitor. My dad's dog Tucker, a Welsh Terrier is here for a week while Dad is in Dallas, TX. Tucker is a persnickety person. He's used to having his own way, and can be quite grumpy when he does not get it. I adore him. Usually. Here he is shown attempting to assist me in the completion of Herm...I mean the M.S.S. He climbed right up, unasked, onto my lap. I spoke kindly and gently. I urged him to remove to his usual station. I begged. I broke out in a cold sweat, imaginging claws wrapped around yarn pulling, pulling, relentlessly pulling...Tucker sensed my concern. But his pride was greatly injured. He removed, and then refused to speak to me for the remainder of the day except to poop on the floor and stare at me in a very challenging manner. He's a canine extraordinaire! He's something totally other. He's something I'd never pick if I were puppy shopping, but entrancing to know and have around. BooBoo loves him and hates him. Being a jealous dog by nature, Boo cannot stand it when Mommy says things like "Tucker, what a good boy!" or "Tucker, come here and sit by me!" or "Tucker ,(fill in the blank)." Kioshi just wants to - and would eat him if she got the chance. I am not sure why. In their respective puppyhoods they got on just fine; nay, well even. They played very well together and had a wonderful time. Something changed - probably Kioshi's new status as "grumpy old lady". The cats have their own opinions. Mel avoids Tucker. Hannah stalks him like he's prey, and he runs from her. This will make my father happy. Tucker has finally learned the truth about cats. Truth being "OUCH!"

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