Sunday, March 19, 2006

While We Wait

for Melissa to knit something stellar and interesting...we will discuss boring socks and light fixture selection difficulties. We have today the Finally Finished Rose Leaf Socks That Took Forever Because of Flutter. I like them, but wish I had not allowed myself to stop on the top rib quite so soon. Sometimes my impatience causes me trouble. Other than that, I like them - they are knit in Artyarns Ultramerino 4, color 105. There is no pattern, I just started, went till they were long enough, turned the heel, went on some more, and then finished them, using an allover lacy pattern that fit my cast on (which I don't remember) This was pure recreational knitting, as a distraction on days when Flutter overpowered me.

Also, Mr Wonderful and I went shopping at Home Depot (I know, I know, but they're open on Sunday.) We were looking for something specific, which - of course - they did not have. We got distracted and started loking at light fixtures for the dining room. I found two that I love, both for completely different reasons, and now have to choose. Very difficult. One I could become irriated with, the other may bore me to tears in a while. It's really not as easy as I thought it would be.
The two nearest fixtures are this, and this.
Both we've put in since we moved in as the old fixtures in these locations were very 80's, dated, and could not take energy efficient light bulbs. And I hated them. One was a country-cutesy lantern thing and the other was a very inexpensive wall sconce that had been hidden behind a cabinet that I removed.
The current chandelier is this:
Note that it becomes invisible in daylight. It also takes only a 40 watt bulb, which - while saving energy - casts little or no light. It is also pre-2000 and does not respond well to the compact flourescents I have put in it (I am a flourescent freak.)This fixture says nothing. It makes no statement. It does not say "MelissaKnits Lives Here." It does not even say "people live here." I want something that makes a statement, even a quite one. I also want something that keeps the cribbage board visible on game night.
The choices are this:

Or this:

Now, one of theses babies makes a serious statement. But...will I still be able to live with it in six months when the novely wears off? Contrariwise, will I be bored to tears and misery by the second when after six months it becomes as invisible as it's predecessor, or I discover that the black shows too much dust? Working strongly against the black candle-y looking one is the fact that it is currently backordered. This means that a lot of people have ordered it. Melissa rarely does what a lot of people do (aside from the temporary insanity surrounding the Lady B bag. Oh, and the Lorna's Laces. But other than that...).
It is a good thing that I have time to reflect. Because this is actually a difficult decision. I won't have to decide officially for about 8 weeks, maybe a bit more.
back to Stockbridge Socks. Since they're so quick, I am starting with them and moving on tomorrow from there by writing at least one pattern, possibly two. Then I can begin knitting in earnest by Tuesday. Every second counts.


Persnickety Knitter said...

I like the black candle-y one. I'm thinking it would maybe go better with your decor?? Doesn't look like it would cast much light though. Maybe you could mount it lower than the current one (looks high in the picture -- can't remember from being there in person).

My black chandelier doesn't show dust that much (and I certainly don't dust very often so it has PLENTY of time to accumulate).

Persnickety Knitter said...

Oh, and I love your socks.

How well does that Artyarns Ultramerino 4 hold up when used for socks? Have you made other socks with it? I see so many pretty sock yarns, but most of them are 100% merino and I'm so sick of holes in knitted socks.

Melissa said...

I am waiting to see. I have two handpaint stripes pair and one supermerino and so far so good...Will have a second handpaint stripes pair shortly as Le Petite Born Early has outgrown one of the sweaters I started for her, and it was in Handpaint Stripes. Most of my socks are sock yarn. This is the first I have made with Ultra, and I just started using more artyarns in the fall. My Super socks pill a bit.

Melissa said...

I think we'll probably end up with the black one, but my eye will always be drawn to the funkified one...and it is not that hig, it's perspective because I think I took that pic practically laying down