Wednesday, March 15, 2006


First, let me say how gratifying it is when a former student takes the ball and runs with it. Amy was in one of my early sock classes, and she's been up to something of late...I think we should press her for a pattern, personally. This is what I wish every student did - walked away from class, and either knit a ton of socks, or designed their own, or even just fell in love with sock knitting. It warms my little heart!!
Second, Persnickety Knitter queried about the contents of the Jordana Paige that it is on it's way to being filled (there's still more room in it!!)
let's take a look. All of this stuff was in my former teaching bag, my AC Moore $4.99 tapestry tote, so cheap I bought three - cherry blosoms, strawberries, and old roses. The disaster was harder to see and get to than it is now. The squared bottom and sides of the JP bag make life significantly simpler! As a rule I carry this bag to all classes, taken or taught. It contains all my notions, calculator, pens, post-its and usually a notebook, crochet hooks and eventually there will be knitting needles, but they're kept in my chairside bin until I get ready to leave home. My notions are kept in two $2.00 pencil cases bought at Staples on "Back To School" clearance. The notebook is not in the bag today. It is currently in front of me because I am writing the pattern (right this very minute - yes I am - right this second I am writing a pattern, I swear it) for the lilac sweater. Oh, by the by, we still love the lilac sweater. I am not going to post a picture again until it's finalized - blocked and with buttons.

The exterior back pocket of the messenger is perfect for my course outlines and patterns. I keep them in very handy plastic holders from Staples. Intended for shop tickets or invoices at, say, the local muffler shop or warehouse, I find them invaluable for holding patterns, outlines etc. The clear plastic allows me to view patterns without damaging them. When I did the Rogue, I had the written directions visible on one side and the current cable chart on the other. I was able to flip back and forth easily, without shuffling 19 pages around every time I had a question.

Also in attendance is the Lady B with current personal projects, date book, cell, and lunch. So there it is - now you know not only what the Jordana Paige Tweed Messenger can hold, but also what sort of total chaos MelissaKnits drags with her from place to place.


Melissa said...

Now I, of those bags.

Persnickety Knitter said...

Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. Looks very organized, but is there any room left for an actual knitting project?

By the way, whatever happened to that "fill in this space" (or whatever it was TEMPORARILY being called) in your sidebar?

Melissa said...

Well, yesterday when I left I stuck the lilac sweater on top of the whole shooting match and felt there was a little space over. It's deep, so the contents appear near the top but really they're well below it. And my knitting project travels in the Lady B, which liberates the Jordana bag for teaching tools and etc.

I think it became the gold medal for now...with the new list of stuff for Kathy for May 1, it will be a long while before we get back to that project.