Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mutton and Mead

A couple of years ago our local food bank, Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, hosted a medieval/ ren fest sort of event at a local rod and gun club. I love a good festival. First, you can be braless and no one even cares. You can wear odd footwear, fairy wings, and a corset and people applaud. Second, there's usually some sort of libation involved (in this case, mead from Green River Ambrosia). The first year it was fun, but a significantly stepped down version of ren fests I've attended previously. This year it is apparent that the Mutton and Mead is not only a "here to stay" presence, it's growing. We had a blast. From shows to jousting to mead and really good food, this is an event worth showing up for! Got mutton? Got mead? No? Then you should be here! 

 Pig on a stick!
 Belly dancing!
 Best REAL Thai in the valley, hands down.
 Strange beasties.
 Stranger beasties...
 Really, jousting!
 Tilting, even.
This is our guy - he won!
 This is Brook - he'd shoot better if they had decent arrows and bows.

This is Brook with Uncle Greg, making a cool aluminum hook for $3 - totally worth it!

We had a blast. But don't tell Yoshi...

 Yup. Dogs allowed. Who knew??

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