Saturday, June 22, 2013

Apres Mead

Busy summer here...

We've got babies all over the place - to wit:

Mockers (Northern Mockingbird babies)

Swallows (trust me - on the other side of that fluff there's at least 3 baby Tree swallows, honest!)

Chickens - although they are growing fast.

It feels like time to sit and mellow in quality, watching time glide by.

Yup, tomorrow we could regret our frivolity - all this mutton, mead, bird watching and chair sitting. But right now it feels pretty perfect. Except for naughty cats trying to sneak out the back door when we're not looking...

Otherwise, we're pretty euphemistically fat 'n tangibly happy. Right Mr. W? Right?

He seems unconvinced. Too bad. I am too busy contemplating flowers to care.

because that is what summer is all about - dirty feet and green growing things! Am I right or what!?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh my YES, you are SO RIGHT!!

Sally M