Monday, May 27, 2013


Does the squirrel baffle work?

Yes it DOES work! 

Climbing up....

"Uh... seems very dark in here..."
Back down he came, and away he went, one baffled maurader! I WIN!

I also let the layer babies out today for the first time into the chicken yard. There was also some baffling going on here, but they adapted brilliantly. As soon as the rooster makes his warning sound, they bolt back into the chicken house wihch is exactly what they need to do to stay safe - and alive. We do have airborne predators, and while a red tail might not be big enough to carry off a full sized laying hen, a baby is a whole other thing.

 Hesitant but curious...
 Baby steps!
 Free for all!!
 One lovely Buckeye boy
 More babies out and about
 Dust bath for Pet and company
 "BUG! I found a BUG!"
 Gratuitous Chick Shot
 Stretching his wings after days of confinement with the babies - who can blame him?
I love my birds! 

We've thrown in some branches, grass clippings, and a few other items. Some are for mental stimulation. Some are for safety. In a pinch, the babies can hide under the things propped against the chicken house if they can't make it inside. We once had a bunch of birds save themselves by cowering under a lilac bush in our yard. Because these guys are not free rangers yet - or maybe ever if Mr. W has his way - the don't have the luxury of shrubs. Actually. There are not any shrubs here for them to hide in. I doubt they'd all fit in the pine tree. So until all my my new plantings grow taller and more broad, maybe inside is the safest place for the birds to be.

(check out the disastrous "rose garden" I inherited with this house and STILL cannot decide what to do with)
Hope you had a memorable Memorial Day - without any snow!! 

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LoriD said...

Hi Melissa! The "rose garden" looks like it needs quite a bit of TLC. But I wanted to tell you that is a BEAUTIFUL view of the mountains in the background!