Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You See Socks. I See People.

Today a preview copy of Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks appeared on my doorstep. I was thrilled. I will admit that once again I cried. There's something powerful in this second book. Like a second baby, you're not walking in blind; you know what's up. It's going to be hard. It's going to be the worst, best work you've ever done. And when it's over you hope that you can stand back in awe of what's been created. And, for better or worse, most of you will see "me" in those pages.

But I know better. I see people. Lots of them.

I see Gwen Steege, Pam Art and Deb Balmuth at Storey who's dedication to the idea that an unknown author could sell books resulted in not one, but two of them. I see editor Kathy Brock, taking time to email me and make certain that the mundane wasn't - that it all made sense to the majority. I see the art director Mary Winkelman Velgos, hesitant that I might not like the design, but relived when I did. How could I not? Who wouldn't love it? You take my words, my intents, my plans and you make them so, so beautiful. I see photographer John Gruen, confused by all of the crazy sock knitters but willing to believe us when we said that this or that shot was truly vital. I see Dan and Amy and Alee working to market me and these little bundles of joy so that you all get a chance to take a look inside both of us. Thank you all so much.
I see Kathy Elkins who said I could when I said wasn't sure I could. And kept on insisting I could until I did. Twice. Thank you.

I see my tireless and dedicated sample knitters; Dena Childs, Tamara Stone-Snyder, Mary Kubasek-Haber, Mary-Alice Baker, Kristen Gonsalves, Rue Shanti and Barb Giguere. I see care and love in every stitch of these socks. As I turn the pages, your names call out to me from the images, reminding me of each of you in ways I am grateful to acknowledge. I see the time and effort you put forth for a mention on the last page of 169 pages, with all the thanks and love I can muster in words. And it isn't nearly enough.I see Tamara Stone-Snyder, my amazing and gifted technical editor, working her hardest to be sure that every word, every direction, every number and every nuance could be as clear and concise as it possibly could be. She put her blood into this book as surely as I did, and I am forever grateful for it.

I see my husband Gene, 20 years in and still hanging tough with a woman who's not exactly easy to handle. It takes a strong man to take on me and all I bring along.

So if you should chance to buy, rent, beg, borrow or (please, don't) steal a copy of Toes-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks I challenge you to look really really close. Find the people. Because they are in there, and without them, I would be nothing.

Thanks, guys. I love you.


alcatmom said...

Oh boy, oh boy, so hard waiting, especially after seeing the book!!! Pre-orders are so hard! Congrats to you and your team.

maryalice said...


Yarnhog said...

Oh, congratulations! I look forward to adding it to my bookshelf!

waterfall said...

Melissa, I think that this blog post is the most beautiful thing you have ever written! I have yet to brave into knitting socks, but fully appreciate the exposure to your personality, and some of the people in this book, and in the first one! What I want to know is...third book? Will this be from the heel, or three at a time socks?

Robin Tolbert said...

Melissa. I await your newest project,with your first book in my lap, enjoying the premier patterns. You are cheered often, by me, who has a chronic case of one-sockitis. I teach knitting in my community and now hope(fingers crossed) that I will find want-to-bee sock knitters and start a new sock class.
Congratulations on your well deserved success!
PS:I added a link to your blog on my blog.I have had so many friends ask about your book. Now they can find you.(I hope that that was ok)

Anonymous said...

WHEN...WHEN....will it be available??