Monday, March 08, 2010

When Gerbils Gave Names to Socks

Another sneak peek into Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks today!

When Malabrigo introduced a sock yarn that felt softer than a baby's butt and looked like...well...Malabrigo, what choice did I have?
(photo ©John Gruen)

Timing is everything. This yarn entered Webs through one door and almost literally went out another. There was a waiting list for the stuff. Nearly every color was gone before the bags were even open. And there was I, desperate for some of this yarn for this book and willing to take any not-back-ordered--not-sold-out color that might be available. The color I got was velvet grapes. And I love what I got! Because it's Malabrigo it does feel like velvet, and the color reminds me of my Aunt Blanche and Aunt Kay's ancient concord grape vines.

The patterns happened the way many patterns happen for me. I began a stockinette swatch and as I swatched and watched the colors move I decided that texture would be desired. I did a little more swatching with some knit and purl combinations and decided that a crenellation was called for. The knitting and the choosing of the pattern was pure pleasure.

The naming was not. I had lists of words associated with crenellations. Castle. Tower? Battlement? Parapet. Nothing seemed to fit. I was becoming pretty vocal in my desperation for a name for these socks, which I think by then I was calling "these bloody stinking socks", but maybe I am not remembering rightly. Girl was home for a break from school at the time, and I was whining really loudly and not very prettily about my inability to name this one last pair of socks. Her boyfriend, generally a quiet boy - he seems wary. I do not know why. Perhaps I give off a "get the heck away from my daughter" vibe? - said slowly, so as not to risk being pummeled for dating my daughter, "What about The Keep?" I started at him for a long moment. I thought. I debated. And then my mouth opened and I said "Gerbil. You are brilliant. Thank you." And that is how the socks pictured here came to be named by a Gerbil. And in the ensuing year I've adjusted to the presence of the Gerbil in my daughter's life. Well. Mostly.

The socks are, I think, lovelier in person than this picture shows. There's a lot of activity, lots of angular motion like a maze, making the whole naming by the Gerbil a bit ironic. I think gerbils can learn mazes, like mice, can't they?

In other book news, please join us on Thursday May 6th from 6-8pm at Webs to celebrate the launch of Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks. Registration is free, but sign-ups are required. Please contact Customer Service at 413-584-2225 or to register. Hope to see you there!


ME215 said...

Malabrigo?? You got me with just that one word.... :) I have a feeling these will be the first ones I cast on from the book.

maryalice said...

OH! Yet another one to slurp!! Thanks! Why oh why didn;t they put them on a bigger foot??