Monday, December 15, 2008


More pictures. Few words.The tree, up, dressed and lit. I put it on the grand kids tea-table, bungee-d it down, stuck it behind the futon and made it look two feet taller than it is, so it fits the room. Things you may do at Omie's but probably not at home.Would you look at my amazing sushi plates by Malea, covered with amazing sushi from New Fortune that Girl and Gerbil brought up. They are PERFECT, beautiful, and I adore them!
Donations for Warm Woolies from my Thursday night drop-in knitters, much of the yarn donated by Webs. There is a LOT of stuff here. Eight sweaters, a lot of socks and hats and such. I am pleased and proud that my knitters got into this and knitted as much as they did.
More Malea! A sheep ornament, one of three on my tree. I think next year I need a back one. I am going to keep on growing the flock. I've also got two Malea shooting stars.
The tree again, featuring Gloria, who was on the creche from my childhood. It just would not be the same without Gloria on the tree.
Damaged Goods stemless wine goblet by Malea. This is a Malea heavy post. I LOVE these, I have six and I adore them.
The only snowman in my house. I have a deep hatred of snowmen, long story, involving my mother's house and about a million of the things. This one, who turns bright red and scary/creepy, is allowed to live here. He also turns nice colors. But when his little fiber optic self is bright red, I love him best.
Oh, look! More pottery!! This is my teapot, by...what's her name? That woman in Northampton with the pottery studio...darn, why can't I remember her name....
and more. A bowl by the same artist. I adore this bowl. The outside has leaves etched in it, the inside this awesome blues and browns glaze.
AKKK!! How can you not just want to scoop this person up and snuggle her forever and ever?? April bouncing, Meg watching.

They were serious. Christmas is coming. Merry Christmas!

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