Sunday, December 21, 2008

May I Have the Envelope Please?

Or, rather, check this out - randomness from the random number generator!And pretty wild and ironic randomness it is too!
If the following individuals will please email me ( with your snail mail address, I will get your yarn and book out ASAP. Now, I am trusting the anonymous folk to remember what they wrote and only email me if that's your comment you see below! The winners are:

13)Anonymous said...
Would love some yarn and your book!! I love to knit socks and the more patterns, the merrier! thanks for your great blog.
10:35 AM

36) Tipper said...
Pick me. Have pity on a poor, sick mama, Mr. Random Number Generator!

50) tina said...
You are sweet and generous, among your other quite notable wonderful assets.

***UPDATED*** - Tina, has very graciously decided to forgo her winnings, as she's already got a signed book, and has named:

Gloria said...

WOW! I was just going to attempt socks this coming year. This would be a great way to get started!

as her successor. (Gloria, you're officially on this list, so make sure you send me an email!) All Hail the generosity of the Contessa!!

101) Karen said...
What great holiday spirit indeed! I love your book and was inspired this seasons to knit all my knitting gifts 2-at-a-time (mittens).
Best of luck to me (and everyone)!
2:23 PM

106)Anonymous said...
I would love to learn socks your way! Thanks for being so generous!
5:52 PM

YAY!!!! Drumroll, confetti...maybe a parade!!! Congratulations winners, and thank you all for playing. I would love to send you all a book, but Mr. Wonderful only allows my altruism so much of a leash. Silly man.
In the meantime, we're under a foot with another one or two coming today. So I leave you with this - Boo loves snow, and Dazee does too, even though it's bigger than her!
Boo assaulting innocent flakes
Dazee "running", which is hysterical and leaves a tunnel-like trail.
Squashable mug of a face, this is.
Resting after trying to run.
I got one of them playing together, but he's so huge and it's so deep that you couldn't see her. Glad someone is loving this!


Gina-Louise said...

Didn't win but I still got my side of Dazee. Thanks!

Kristi said...

Congrats to everyone! Seems like you have some snow out there...

mary alice said...

So glad someone is loving this! I was in tears after the snowplow came by ;0( OK, I can do another 2ft of HEAVY stuff, no problem. Right after I called my brother in Atlanta to tell him to find me a job!

It's only just winter and I'm done!

ME215 said...

Congrats to the winners!

I'm in Atlanta and it's just winter and I'm done Mary Alice. Double digit snowfall is one thing I don't miss about CT.