Thursday, October 30, 2008

Truly Super Tuesday, Man.

So go vote, and then go shop. Guaranteed to make you drive faster and jump higher (it says so, right on there)! There's a rumor, it's even got three, count them THREE alpacas!! That doesn't include the 10 instrumental tracks and that boy can seriously play, AND B.B. King, and...oh, Brad Paisley, how I do love to hear you PLAY! Official album of the next in the 2-at-a-Time Socks series!

Is it Tuesday yet?

(Mine may be here earlier. If it is, then my next blog entry will read more like an ode to Brad for which I know you, my dear readers, will forgive me. I can't talk about my knitting. It's book knitting. It's all secret-like. And you gotta understand. The boy can pick. It just makes my feet bounce, and my toes tap, and sometimes my arms go up in the air and there is, occasionally, hooting and screaming.)


Yarnhog said...

And it has NOTHING to do with how cute he is, either...right? :)

melissaknits said...

naaah! He's all like married and a dad and his wife is all pregnant and stuff...of course he is easy on the eyes... ; )