Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhinebeck Wrap-up: A Happy Ending.

There was sharing and bonding:(Rue shows Tamara her scarf while Kristen and Katy get ready to leave for dinner. I don't know where MadMad Rachel is. Pouring wine? I bet that woman is an excellent hostess.)
Then it was Saturday. The Big Day at Rhinebeck.I signed books at Foxfire Fiber, lots of books, and met lots of wonderful knitters and bloggers and book owners, and even certain people who, along with their friends, apparently keep my book on their coffee tables. I am a coffee table book! How cool is THAT!?
The outside of building A, by 9AM, was a busy hive. It got more so as the day wore on.When I finished signing and headed for lunch I had to part the waters of the line at The Fold, which was like a snake doubled back on itself a time or two. Hands full of Socks That Rock and lots of other BMFA yarns, they waited. I tried to get a picture, but none of them came out properly, so you just have to take my word for it.
Some people were too tired to walk another step, even when encouraged by youth.OK, really, they were rolling around on the ground playing, and were very adorable. I saw a ton of adorable kids, my favorite being the little girl in the green striped outfit with the little Sorel-type boots that I did not get my camera out in time to catch, but my heavens what a DOLL!
Gail? Is that you?Nope! A REAL kangaroo, complete with joey, in the middle of New York. Well, not the middle, but you know what I mean.
Then we headed back to the hotel in the convertible for a little lie-down. Katy and I got the back seat. (See Rue's Tangled Yoke Cardigan in the front seat? People stopped her to pet her. It was wild to watch. It's beautifully done, perfect color, and fits amazingly. Way to go Rue!) Top down, all I needed was big glasses and a head scarf, and I could have been so cool.And maybe 8 extra inches of height, that would have helped also. And some natural grace, to go with my jeans and sneakers. And the lie down? Not so much. Rhinebeck on Saturday at 4pm = traffic snarls. We got to the hotel just in time to throw down purchases, brush teeth, and head back to Rhinebeck for the Rav party.
Tammy did some damage.This is the Bed of Yarn. This is a woman who knows how to shop, folks.
Then we got in line for swag bags from Ravelry, a bit late, but still on time, so to speak.I love my little linen bag. More on that later.
Inside the party pavilion at the Elks Club.There were a lot of knitters here. A lot of knitters. A funny aside - a famous knitter hugged me and caused a ripple around us in the beer line. The posse was giggling about this for minutes and minutes. Snarky posse, I love them, talking all about being not worthy to stand in line beside me. I love you guys. You always make me laugh.
I really love my muslin bag and my Della Q project bag, which had a project in it by midnight.The muslin bag will probably be used for hauling produce from the store, as I despise those little plastic ones, but Mr. W. has a fit when I chuck naked produce on the conveyor belt thing. What's a few germs? I wash the stuff before he eats it!
Next day was, for me, shopping day!The remaining four of us (Rachel and Tammy cut out early, but they're further from Rhinebeck, after all) wandered a bit, then stopped for lunch. Two chicken pot pies (Rue and Katy), and two sweet potatoes (me and Kristen). Lovely potatoes. Need to remember this next year.
I saw this in building A, I'd been too rushed to notice is on Saturday.LOVE!! WANT!! NEED!!!
Katy tried to kiss a llama, but apparently he'd heard all about her from the goat.The llama was having none of it. No kiss and tell from this guy.
The CIA was there, cleverly disguised as culinary students.Sneaky, huh?
I bought stuff.Foxfire Cormo Silk Alpaca. Mmmmm.
And more stuff.4 hanks of lambswool laceweight, since I am taking class this weekend with Galina Khmeleva at Webs next weekend. Come and join us! One day workshop Friday, or two day Saturday and Sunday.
And just a bit of Brooks...a Mas Acero widow or orphan. I love their yarns. I adore Acero. I have socks out of it. The Mas Acero and I have a date when this book is done.
And just a little more...some of Oasis Farm Fiber Mill's Bargain Bunny. I have not decided what to do with this, but was considering a sweater for Dazee. The color is perfect for her creamy fur.
I did bring something home for Dazee,just a braided pouf of pink polar fleece from the NE Border Collie Rescue people. I try to buy something from them every time I see them. A Border Collie without a job is often a Border Collie in need of a home. Like when 101 Dalmatians came out, and everyone wanted one, and pet shops were full of them, and 6-9 months later so were animal rescues and shelters? Or when Paris Hilton started toting a Chihuahua, so everyone wanted one, and 6-9 months later rescues and shelters were full of them? Or - and this is one of my favorites - when Nicole Brown Simpson's Akita Kato made headlines and the next thing you know everyone wanted an Akita? And then 6-9 months later...wait, do you want to guess? Some dogs have a job to do, or have certain personality traits bred into them that make them perfect for hunting bear, or herding sheep, or...shivering. But some of these traits make them less than perfect companion animals or family pets. A little education on the front side could save a world of hurt on the back side.
(Kicks soap box back under couch)
Can you tell that's an issue of mine? What gave me away?
All in all a successful and enjoyable weekend trip, and I cannot wait for next year. Thanks to Jess and Casey and the whole Rav family for the party, free beers, free swag, veggies and hummus (and other stuff, too) lots of prizes, lots of knitters.
Thanks SO much to Barb for having me again to sign books in her booth, and thanks so so SO much to all those who bought a book, and all those who stopped by just to say they had it and love it. I appreciate that. I am glad people are happy. It makes me happy that knitters are enjoying my little venture into writing, and I hope they'll like all that comes after!
'Till next year, oh glorious Rhinebeck. 'Till next year!


Deb said...

Now I feel really special!! Thanks for the link to my blog too. We're looking forward to another trip next year!

Kristi said...

I LOVED Rhinebeck - even after yarn overload, a 45 minute wait for lunch and missing some yarn I doubled back for. I got to wave to you from a distance, but you were kept busy at the signing. The WEBS bus was awesome and I will so be on it next year.

Katy said...

That llama was so rude he even stepped on my toes. I never get any action...

melissaknits said...

Oh, please. No action. I slept with you for crying out loud, two nights in a row!! I was there, man. I feel and used. **sniffle** ;)

ponyknit said...

I need to get on the WEBS but next year... memo
Love the Kangaroo shot. Adorable Muslin bag!
Thanks for sharing your fun!

Doreen said...

I couldn't agree with you more about people not researching the breed before getting a dog. It makes me crazy! I knew people who were getting rid of their Jack Russell because he was just so hyper. An energetic Jack Russell? Who would have guessed? It would have taken 5 minutes of research to figure that out. They thought they were getting Eddie from Frazier. I did stop just short of calling them morons right to their faces. But it wasn't easy.

Barb said...

Great to have you again, Melissa. Hope your wrist wasn't sore from signing. We were bookless by the end of the weekend. Thanks so much. . .

MadMad said...

It was SO MUCH FUN! Glad to see you again!