Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I love it when my babies return to me! To wit - the two socks I sent away for Judith Durant's new book, Luxury One-Skein Wonders. I was very excited when both were chosen to appear in the book. The first is Tiffany, which is cashemere (mmmm), Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 2-ply, with Swarovski crystal beads.They got their name from the color of the yarn which is a bit of Tiffany blue. Someday I am getting one of those blue boxes. Even if it's just the box!!
The second pair are called Caravan, and are knitted of Handmaiden Mini-Maiden. Once I started knitting them in this stitch pattern (which this pic does not do justice to, seriously, but my model ran away to college) they spoke to me of spice markets and camels and bright dessert roses.
I love these socks.
I knitted both pair to fit myself, knowing they'd come back. It wasn't until I took them out to put them on my feet that I realized they must have had a heck of a time getting pictures of them. I have...feet of a substandard size. One might call them pygmy feet. I wear kids shoes a lot.
This is a swatch. It is an upside down hidden swatch of a yarn called Socks That Rock - some of you may have heard of it (wink, wink)? This is one of the chicken colors Tina sent after the Great Chicken Slaying of 2008 (Which my hens are still not over. They all molted early and now I have no eggs). I am designing a pair of socks in this colorway but am keeping them very secret for now. But don't you want to dive into the ball? The bit of turquoise sort of oddly draped over the left there is not the STR, which is colorway Chantecler. It's a bit of this (these?):Toe up somethings. Socks. Yes, socks. But then what? Yesterday I was writing and had a moment of brain cramp. I decided I needed to knit a pair of socks, just for myself (pygmy. fast.), as a refresher. Sort of toss some cold water on the brain and wake it up. Well, now I am debating putting them in the book. I love the stitch pattern and I love the yarn (Fiesta Boomerang, color Adirondack). Hmmm. Opinions? What do you think? Book? Or "just for me"? Or self-publish as a stand alone pattern? So many decisions...

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PurlingPirate said...

I will be completely selfish and say self publish as a stand alone pattern so I can have it now and not have to wait!