Monday, January 14, 2008

I Flew. (And No One Died)

This is not a miracle, I know, but for me to actually get on and off not one but FOUR cramped, tin-can airplanes (OK. Maybe exaggerating. It was really two 737's, an MD-88 and a CRJ 700) without significant incident is, to my plane-phobic brain, a big deal. Not only did I get on and off, but I saw the Grand Canon, a desert or two, snow-topped very big mountains, and a lot of development on the California coast, all from the air. I have not flown since about 1999 when we had a horrible US Air flight back from Florida and I swore I'd never fly again. I think they've done something awful. I think they added more seats and took out all the leg room. I assume this is some post 9-11 "get more folks on so we can make more money and avoid bankruptcy" thing? Or maybe it was that cramped before and I just never noticed it. I did not like that part at all. I still love take-off and landing. I love to watch the earth drop away and come back. And I love seeing things from the air. I could still do without turbulence, or LAX security. And Xanax? It's a girl's best friend.
What a weekend. It started off with scared newbie knitting author, and ended with me calling people I'd always wanted to meet by their first names - and being stunned that some of them they knew mine. Judith, Kristin, Susan, Debbie, Christine, Jess and Casey (well, I already met them, but still), Kathy and Steve (ok, so I really know them, that's really cheating). The picture is, from left to right, Kristin Nicholas, moi, Christine White (amazing felting book!!) and Judith Durant.
It is not ok to take pictures on the TNNA floor, so I'll have to use links to show you the COOL stuff I saw. First I found Timeless Totes, which have the most beautiful fabrics. They make a line of totes for all needlecraft, from cross stitch and needlepoint to these awesome knitting duffles. I loved some of their fabrics, although their duffle felt a bit big for me. If I were still spending time with cross stitch their snap-in plastic inserts would be essential to me.
Lexie Barnes has new fabrics, two of which (diablo and pacifica) I WILL have in some form. I definitely need luggage tags (Venus). And Dottie, and a couple of Kitty, and more Minis....also the awesome little hobo called Jinx - it's reversible. I need two (one in each of the colors I love). Lexie for me is abject adoration. The words 'Lexie Barnes' cause my husband's hair to stand on end. Seriously. In my next book, I want to use Lexie bags as props, and then take them all home with me. By the way, Lexie is having a sale...just saying...I can't, but someone should. I have to save for the new fabrics, since I own so much of the old. But if you own none, or little, great chance to get some or MORE!
Namaste bags, which I also love but own none of has the most awesome badge holders. They are leather and say "To knit is to know". I saw one on a vendor and wanted it. At Namaste I asked how I could get one - could I order one? "I am not a buyer", I said "just a fan!" They handed me one. I LOVE it. I got a Bob pin too, from Jess and Casey, so Bob is the official badge holder mascot of Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I think he needs a Ravelry yarn ball buddy across from himself, to balance the look. And every dog should have a ball.
My signing was at How-2 Books on Saturday (ok, so I sneaked a picture. I had permission. I did not use a flash. But LOOK! My BOOK !! It's REAL! I circled it for proof.) Von, Cindy & Sue made me feel very comfortable, and I had a blast signing for them. We ran out of books much faster than I expected (there was a steady stream of people and suddenly all the books were gone, but there were still people!), and I felt bad for the people who did not get one - we had to turn people away. The support for the book from the knitting community is just awesome to see. I am very excited by it.
Just a couple of booths down from How-2 was Tanglewood Fibers. They have the most incredible yarns - no, like really amazing, like think of the most amazing, decadent thing you've touched and multiply it by 10. Or 100. It's handspun, hand dyed, unbelievable. To touch is to desire. I don't think I've ever felt this way about yarn before. I wanted to make a nest out of it and stay forever. I made Kathy go touch it, and I was hoping she'd buy some for Webs so I can get my hands on it. Totally to die for - if you find it, buy it, because you deserve it. We all do. Kitty-corner from How-2 was Conjoined Creations, which has got the most fun sock yarn concept called Flat Feet. Are you ready for this? It comes as a flat piece of wildly hand-dyed machine knitting with a waste yarn attached. You remove the waste yarn and begin knitting socks right from the flat knitted piece. I have to get my hands on this. Well, I will, since I think Kathy and Steve might have bought a little. It just struck me as so FUN. I must have some.
At Schaefer Yarns I found Cheryl and showed her what I'd done with her yarn in my book. She gifted me with a skein of Heather, and I cannot wait to make myself some socks...or maybe some for book 2. I have not decided yet. I love Schaefer's colors. I love their yarns. I used Anne for Sweetpeas, and for a design I did for Schaefer called Tilting at Windmills, and twice in the book.
On Saturday I got to meet Candi Jensen when I taped a spiel for the show she produces, Knit and Crochet Today. This is a PBS show that's growing by leaps and bounds - email your local PBS station and beg for it. Taping before me was Kaffe Fasset, followed by Mary Beth Temple who does it all - is there anything Mary Beth does not do?? Kaffe stood two feet from me. I was moved, awed even. Candi and Brett were wonderful. I was too short for the official hot seat, so they got me a pillow to sit on. This caused my feet to dangle off the floor. After a few attempts to find something to put my feet on, we settled for me sitting tailor style in the chair. I love being short. It's so...convenient (NOT!)
So I am sitting here kinda dizzy and off center, and thinking maybe I caught a bug. Mr. W insists it's jet lag. I tell him that I had made a decision before I left that I was not going to GET jet lag, and besides that's all about sleep, right? Wrong. Wikipedia says "The symptoms of jet lag can be quite varied, though on the whole, an individual may experience the following:

Dehydration (possibly because of dry air in the plane)
Loss of appetite
Nausea and/or upset stomach
Headaches and/or sinus irritation
Disorientation and/or grogginess
Insomnia and/or highly irregular sleep patterns
Irritability, irrationality
Mild depression"

I have, umm, eight of those. I've never had jet lag before. I've never crossed a couple of time zones in six hours before either. I don't think I like jet lag. I think I need a nap now. Or two.
I had so much fun in California. I loved meeting people and seeing things and signing books and just taking it all in - especially the 65 and sunny with a night breeze part. I hope I get to go to Columbus!

Attention all Drop-In Knitters! I will see you at Webs, Thursday Jan 17th, and we're having a candy-fest. But not just any candy. Bring your water bottles, and maybe a little bread to absorb the oil off your tongue. If you need it that is. Remember, my Drop-In Knitting is open to all, from 5:30pm - 8pm Thursday night. Don't worry Kristen, I'll find something for you that won't require asbestos gloves.


MadMad said...

Oh! I've been thinking of you all weekend and wondering how it went! Thanks for posting! Glad to hear it went well. So exciting!

Kristen said...

I'm so anti-anything hot I didn't even get it at first - I just thought "candy, cool, I like candy!" You people really are trying to kill me (first the mustard now this?)

Glad to hear you're home safe. And if you get to drop-in early try to snag the OLD room - we like it better!

spinningmom said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful complement. I enjoyed meeting you as well. I'm a terrible flyer as well. I love the drugs, but it makes it hard to find bags, meet cars (in a good way) and talk sensibly. Hope we'll meet really again sooner than later! Trish

Persnickety said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip. Does this mean you will be flying more (by choice) in the future?

Did I tell you they have 1 copy of your book at my local bookstore? [It's a small independent store that has a fairly small knitting book section, so they usually only get 1 copy of each book.] But it was so cool to find it on the shelf! I made sure it was prominently displayed. ;)

No Disneyland?

tina said...

I'm so pleased that your trip to the big dance was good. I am sure that you wowed 'em!

I'm still waiting for my book to arrive from Webs......... I think it is an effort to make me more patient! You know how good I am at that! NOT!

Hope you are doing very nice things for you now that you are home safely!

Yarnhog said...

How cool! Good for you.

And they have made the seating much tighter. We took a first class flight recently, and my knees were touching the seat in front of me BEFORE the guy sitting in it leaned it back.

Maybe if we could stop sending all our jobs to India and all our money to Iraq, our economy would improve and the airlines wouldn't all be hovering on the edge of bankruptcy, and we could travel like human beings instead of sardines.

Just saying.

Virtuous said...

I got my book on Friday and love it!

Thank you so much for your hard work. I sure wish you could sign mine too!

Congrats to you again!

PurlingPirate said...

Oh my gosh! It all sounds so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Woolybelle said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I heard your interview on the Socks in the City podcast and went out yesterday and bought your book. I wish all publishers would spiral-bind their craft books. Kudos to Storey. And the layout is visually very appealing. I can't wait to read it this weekend.