Friday, January 25, 2008

Help! I've Been Kidnapped by a Pirate!!

I'd prove it, but if I post his full and frightning image on the internet, he'd throw me overboard. And I kinda like it here.
I am not going to go into a long and detailed trip report. Suffice to say this is the first chance I've had to sit down and say hello to the blog, and that's only because I am unwell this morning and can't go out yet. I was thinking I'd do some laundry. $2.00 to wash, $2.00 for a half an hour to dry, and $2.00 for the soap. Maybe I can wash jeans in the tub after all, with free hotel shampoo. This laundry cost will be on top of the new camera we had to buy when all of our vacation photos began to look like varying degrees of this:

I am a blogger. I am a vacationer. A camera seems almost mandatory for those two activities. We went to a local Walmart and found a Canon A720 IS, and snagged it. It's the grown up big brother of my A75, and I love it. Kudos to Canon for keeping the A-series consistent in use and function while adding enhancements so that I can, with a little reading, pick up my new camera and come up with images better than the old one right of the bat. On the way to our destination I did finish something - Be Mine socks from 2-at-a-Time Socks, that hot new sock knitting book (giggle). I had copied the chart and stuck it in my bag before I flew to LA for TNNA, but really didn't study the chart until I cast on and was past the ribbing. I was heartbroken to see errors in the chart. Since then I've been sent a "corrected" version that still has an error - discouraging, as I'd expected to be able to post the corrections today in my gallery with a link here, but now must wait for a further correction. Anyway - the yarn is Franklin, a rejected Kangaroo Dyer color (not so much rejected, really as completely individualized and unique, like me!)
While I've been all vacation-y, things move right along in the blogosphere, and take me by surprise sometimes. For example, Yarnhog tagged me twice and I was totally not able to respond in kind. Mr. W. has seen the value of giving me internet access - $9.95 for 24 hours will buy him two mornings of "sleeping in" if he plays it right. It seems a small price for him to pay. So - I can only do the book one right now as I'm short on time. Open a book you're currently reading to page 161, sentence five. Mine says: "...the farthest west of all the parks on Walt Disney World property." Can you tell I am on vacation? The book is PassPorter's Walt Disney World 2008. I am not sure I like this book, but Mr. W. wanted it so we got it. I want to make my own Disney guide book, really, because I have so many ideas...
ANYWAY - I am tagging:
Tamara of Persnickety Knitter
Katy of Katywhumpus
Mary of 43 Skeins
Rachel of Diary of a mad, mad housewife
Kirsten of Two of Sticks, who does not blog enough and needs to put something up now and then.
Play along or not - but I hope they do. So do all of you. Because I am sure they've got much more interesting reading than where the restrooms are at the Magic Kingdom!
And then the Yarn Harlot posted about author hood. For anyone who's considering this exciting and fulfilling career, read her post as well as the linked post about authors and money, which is excellent and accurate. I love what I do, and I can't wait to do another book. But it's not wine and roses and big royalty checks. It's a bit like parenting, only no stretch marks, and no tuition bills.
Tina, the Knitting Contessa, finally got her copy of The Book. I think she should dump all other projects and cast on immediately. But that's just me, maybe. has started an Inauguration Day Scarf-Along. Although we may not always agree on politics, we can all agree on knitting. Or not. But either way a scarf-along is a fun way to make ready for the incoming president, whoever he or she may be. It might be interesting to see how my gauge changes as things progress.

p.s. - Mr. W. just brought me a little gift. If you're coming to Disney World, bring your own Immodium. Mickey gets $5.50 for six little pills.


Kristi said...

Aw, hope you feel better! Getting sick on vacation is no fun. However, if you do have time to write up that Disney travel book, I will get in line to buy it!

PurlingPirate said...

Yeah for Disney!!! Boo for sickness!!!

I love those socks, they are definitely a favorite of mine from the book!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can you please post your reply about needle size for page 32 in your book? The needle size is different than the mm. Is Berry Season to use size 3 3.25 mm. or size 4 3.5 mm? I'd like to know before I purchase the needle.
Thanks for a reply.

MadMad said...

The socks are beautiful! Love the color, too! Thank you for the tag.. Would this be a good time to admit to the entire world that I am reading a Nancy Drew (for my mom/daughter book club, not because I'm a weirdo...) I will see if it even goes up to 161 pages...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Enjoy the rest of your time at Disney!

Persnickety Knitter said...

Those socks are very timely -- what with V-Day coming up and all. Maybe I'll try to finish a pair as a V-day gift for Daughter#1 or #2.

Hope you have exorcised your demons ;) and are again able to enjoy WDW.

tina said...

You crack me up. I shall NOT cast on for the lovelies until I have finished this boogerin' sock. I'm crankin' my way down the foot, toes here I come. You know dipdog well if I don't I'll never get it done. And it will point up quite sweetly why your method is better.

I am a hometown Orlando girl. Hug Minnie for me!!!! LOVE DisneyWorld. Please feel better, sorry to hear about the Imodium!! Bummer.

Kathy said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. That gluten seems to hide in the most unlikely places.

You didn't tag me, but made me curious.

Page 161, line 5:

"Unfortunately for her, the gamble did not pay off, and her team lost. In

Chrissie said...

Hi what does it take to get a Uk knitter mentioned sorry to hear you were sick --I wasted a week in New York a couple of years ago chained to my hotel room --bummer being ill on holiday.

Chrissie said...

sorry should have put