Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good News, Bad News.

Good news first - it's going to be over 50 degrees - FIFTY!! - later this week, for three whole days! I am very excited.

Bad news - I finished my flower basket shawl, gutted and began renovation of my "office", but I can't post a single photo because my camera cable is buried in the next room in a box of junk, and my computer is still under a plastic drop cloth till the ceiling is done. But it's so LIGHT and airy in here already!! It's awesome. A lovely shade of light terra cotta covers two walls and a paler version coats the other two and the beams of the ceiling.

Girl and I are waiting for the sander to make a visit so we can go feed cows. We got an inch of white gunk overnight. I'll have pics of that too, soon as I can! (the cows, not the snow. snow stinks.)

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