Friday, March 09, 2007

Break's Over.

So. The days of fun in the (ice cold) sun, relaxin', chillin', following the patterns of others are totally over for the moment. Meet Goshen, new from Valley Yarns, a cotton/modal/silk blend. We fell in deep like today during swatch building time. I am leaning toward something baby-ish, toddler-like, maybe a cute hoodie in these very ice-creamy pastels just in time for spring and summer outings. Trouble is I can't decide which swatch I like better. I think the first, but I am open to a third. I want to get a decision made by tomorrow so I can write and begin knitting something. That's amusing. "Get" a decision, like it's not something I personally have to decide. Somedays I wish I could blame everyone else for crappy color choices and ugly pattern dieas. But no, this time around it's all in here. Odd, that break was a lot shorter than I expected. Back in the saddle again. There are three patterns here that need to be written for self publication. It's time to forge some deadlines for myself. I manage to meet everyone elses' but my stuff languishes without the ax of demand hanging over my head. Question: what motivates a knitter to get off her lazy butt and work?

(answer: FREE YARN!)

I watched The Notebook today. I must have popped it into my queue in a weak moment. I bawled like a baby. These Nicholas Sparks jobs should come with a freaking warning label, and a hanky rating. I think I emptied a box, watching and swatching with tears pouring all over my face while muttering "This is a horrible, horrible movie!!" Thank God no one was home, or they'd be carting me to the nearest locked unit by now. ***sniffle*** It was just painfully and beautifully... ***sniffle*** touching... TISSUE! I need a TISSUE!!!

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