Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Look Ma, I'm Legit!

I have the essential laptop, and a Mac even, to round out my literary appearance...
Now all I need is a cord blazer with suede patches on the elbows and a pipe. OK, maybe not so much. There must be a feminine equivalent. That I will probably refuse to adopt. Because it will mean wearing a skirt, or un-sensible shoes, or something other than denim.
And, as if that is not enough, official contracts, two of them, with an author questionaire. I must say, every time I read the words "Melissa Morgan-Oakes (herinafter known as Author)..." I get a tad weepy.
Eventually the tears will fade and I will be able to actually read the contract in some clinical manner. Or maybe I'll just sign it and send it back. Lawyers are over-rated, right?
Knitting? Umm...shortly, I promise! Malea will rejoice to hear that we are in the finishing stages of the RockStar. I am hopeful. It looks like evrything will fit together and become something resembling a sweater. Wouldn't that be novel?

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